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Earning My Ears
Apr 13, 2000
Last month you said that they might be adding a new show with Spider Man. Can you tell me if that has already happened. Also what are the chances of seeing another coaster at IOA or Universal. Can you also tell me what are the chances of universal bringing back Ghostbusters, some how that was my favorite attraction when universal first opened. Earl keep up the good work at IOA.
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Earl you must shed some light for us poor souls without jobs at IOA! :(


The new Spiderman show is nearing completion. Now, what I'm talking about is the show playback in the scoop. We're close and it might start to appear in some vehicles in a couple of weeks if all continies to go well.

Sorry, but there's no chance that Ghostbusters is coming back. That one has run it's course, and it's contract. It is a Columbia Pictures product that WAS licensed to Universal. As to other coasters, you know that I can't really say, but it's always a possibility. And, just for the fun of it, I don't just work at IOA, and that's as far as I'm going on that subject. (he,he)

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When you are talking about the new spiderman show playback in the scoop, are you talking about different movements in the vehicle or something else? I am lost. <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">
Close Captioning refers to the scoop as a SPYDR? It was really interesting. Just Curious...

Does weekly attendance to a theme park constitute an addict?

If so, I am Doomed!

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I doubt it, at least anytime soon. I don't think that anyone has been complaining about it.
What about the Ghostbusters that perform on the street? This Jan. there were only 2 left just driving around. I hear rumor over on a GB board that they may be terminated completely. Is this true? If so is there anywhere fans can write to plea their case?
I don't know about that rumor. I know that Echto 1 is still driving around the park. If it was to stop I would imagine it would either be a financial decision or a licensing issue.
I'm fuzzy on the license issue thing. I thought the Spooktacular was closed because of that, but USF still has the characters and the car? By the way, what section governs the street performers at USF?
I didn't say it was, I just said if there was anything that it might be a license issue. In reality all of the contracts and agreements are unique. It COULD have anything in it. It could have them all stand on their heads every other Thursday. I don't have a clue on what's in that particular agreement. It they stop doing a licensed show or ride, it typically is either just a financial issue where it's run it's course against it's payback, or the agreement has expired and was not renewed.

Most time today it's how a show or attraction increases attendance draw to the park against the cost to operate it. That could happen to any existing show or any new show or ride being considered. For example, P-Flyers at IOA was a lousy value for dollars spent versus capacity or draw. If you took it out, you would get a few complaints, but attendance wouldn't drop off. If you didn't have one and built one, you wouldn't see enough attendance growth to ever pay for it.

This doesn't mean anything for the Ghostbusters street show. My original post was just to answer that there was a rumor, one that I hadn't heard. The guys were out doing there thing recently.
So Earl,
If the Ghostbusters are standing on their heads on that particular day, does everyone get FOTL for the duration....
Just kidding man, glad to see you back again! Will you be around tomorrow any at the Dis meets?


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