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Aug 26, 1999
Here are some helpful tips that I swear by each time I go to WDW:

1. Snacks -- Go to your local warehouse club (BJ's, Costco, Sam's, etc.) and pick up some snacks. They have individual servings of cookies, crackers, etc. and good prices. Each morning everyone can choose some snacks out of the box and have them while at the parks. This way you can splurge for that special treat once in awhile and not feel like you are going broke just buying snacks.

2. Drinks – While you’re at the warehouse or if you see them on sale at the market, look into getting some Capri Suns or juice boxes and, most especially, small bottles of water. Again, these are things you can throw in your backpack and have at a moments notice. The water bottles are very handy and very cheap by buying them ahead of time. The cost of a bottle of spring water at home is $1. The cost for the same bottle at WDW is $2.50-$3.

3. Breakfast – Again, while you are at the store, look into getting some cereal bars and the small, individual boxes of cereal. You can pick up some milk either at the market near WDW or at your resort. To keep it fresh, put your milk, as well as your other drinks, in one of your sink basins and fill it with ice. Since most people have breakfast on the go or while they are getting ready to hit the parks, this will save some serious $$.

4. Refillable Mugs – These are a great investment. You pay like $8-9 per mug and you get free refills of coffee, lemonade, soda, and hot chocolate throughout your stay. If you bought a cup of coffee in the morning at your resort for $1.79, then bought a soda in the evening for $1.79, you are spending $3.58/day. If you are staying for 7 days, that is $25.06. Say you buy at mug at Port Orleans for $9.29. The savings difference is $15.77!!! Also, you can bring it back on your next visit to use again!

5. Souvies – It is amazing how much we tend to spend on souvenirs. A great way to teach your kids about saving and spending wisely is this. Once you have planned your trip have each child create a WDW Savings Jar. Explain to them that whatever money is in that jar is theirs to spend while they are there, but that is all of their spending money. If they know they can buy something cool at WDW, they may think twice about getting that candy bar at the store. It may also encourage them to help out more, if they know they can get a few dollars by helping. Right before you go, have them count the money that they have saved. Have them divide it by the number of days that you will be at WDW and have them put that amount into individual envelopes. That way they have an even amount to spend each day. Once you are at WDW, these can be stored in the in-room safe. Each morning they can retrieve that day’s envelope. If they see something they really want and that goes over that day’s allotment, they know that they will have to save some from the day before.

6. Packing – Don’t forget to pack the following: Aloe, Anti-Bacterial Lotion, Aspirin/Advil/Tylenol, Backpack, Band-Aids, Bathing Suit, Batteries, Battery Operated Personal Fan, Beach Shoes, Blister Protection, Bug Spray, Dental Floss, Disposable Camera, Ear Plugs, Film, Good, Well-Broken In Shoes, Handy Wipes, Hat, Johnson And Johnson Foot Bath, Kleenex, Lip Balm, Mini Sewing Kit & Safety Pins, Nail Clippers, Tweezers And File, Pool Stuff (Goggles, Floaties), Q-Tips, Rain Poncho, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Tums, Waist Pack, Ziploc Bags.

7. Toys/Books – Have each of the kids bring their own backpack. Have them put in things to do both on the plane, as well as at the resort, restaurants, etc. I cannot tell you how handy it was having my 3-year-old nephew bring some of his Thomas the Tank Engine trains with him. It kept him occupied everywhere we went! Make sure you pack some books to read to them too. These come in handy while waiting in line for an attraction or while waiting for your food to come.

8. Shipping Snacks, Drinks. -- Either put these in a box and bring them as a piece of luggage or ship it to your resort ahead of time. That way each morning, everyone can choose what kind of snacks they would like for the day and at the end of your trip, you can throw the box away or use it to put souvies into to bring back home. Make sure you use a good, strong box and mark it as fragile.

Hope these help!!
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