Help Showing off my WDW Souvenirs


Earning My Ears
Feb 2, 2017
Hi guys!
So I've been to WDW more times than I can count. as a result I have over 150 trading pins and about as many Keys to Kingdom cards ( the cards that you get for the game you can play around MK from the fire station.) I've never played the game, I just liked the cards lol.

I've been trying to think of a good way to display both of these items for months. Everything I've tried with my pins, creating boards and shadow boxes to hang them on the wall, have always turned out so heavy that I'm afraid to hang them. I know I could just get a pin binder, but I love my pins and want to be able to look at them.

The cards I just have no idea what to do with. I've considered making a poster out of them or something similar but I haven't come up with a great idea yet and there is zero inspiration on Pinterest. I have a small end table from Ikea that I'm thinking about covering in them, but basically I'm afraid of doing something wrong and ruining the cards and the table.

any ideas or tips?


DIS Veteran
Jun 2, 2014
I've seen a couple shadow box ideas that I liked, hopefully I can properly describe them. But they are 8x10 shadow boxes with a piece of card stock in the front of the frame with something cut out of it to make an opening (Mickey Mouse, the castle) and then behind it all the pins are stuck to a board so its almost like they make the shape. Rather than hanging them, they are displayed on a table.


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