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Mar 29, 2001
Our "day" at WDW MK is coming up quickly and I am suffering from information overload between the books and these boards and need some advice from the veterans. Two prior trips were in 1974 and 1977.
For a little background information, this is just a quick trip not a planned vacation. We (son 32 and grandson 11) are flying into the Tampa area on 4/25 for a wedding and decided this would be a good chance to get a couple of days in at WDW while we were down there. DGS learned about Universal Studios at school so will do day one at MK and day two at Universal.

We doubt that we will be able to get into the park before noon. We have to pick up a ECV for me at our hotel first which is near the maingate. (I learned about those medical equipment rentals on these boards - thank you very much.)

Now, because of the very limited time what would be our best strategy to make the most of the time we have? We will stay until closing which shows on the website as 8:00 p.m. and we will verify before we get there. We'll skip the scheduled parade. If we can, we will eat a quick lunch before entering MK and try the Crystal Palace for an early dinner.

We will need to hit the stuff 11 year olds are into, although I will veto the Alien Encounter. I would appreciate any advice you guys can give me on this. Everything on these boards discusses several days worth of WDW not just one.

One other issue is the transportation from the parking area to Main Street. I understand the monorail was designed with a steep incline which is not accessible using the ECV, I can walk if it could be run up the ramp. Would it be allowed on the monorail? When we were there before it seems we took an open tram (not a bus, which I am hearing about now) to the ferry. Is there handicapped parking near the ferry landing?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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HI! Well, I would suggest going over what your DGS wants to see. Make a list and hit those rides first. If there is any time left over go on others. If you are able, use FASTPASS!

If you need help about MK email me. Give me details.
Thanks for the input. That is probably the best way to go, also I found MK is supposed to be open until 9:00 the day we are there.


P.S. I don't know what I am doing wrong on this board but I have a tough time getting to the responses. Any hope for me?
They'll let you on the monorail in your ECV, but it might be easier to take the ferry. As I remember, the ground is completely level. Another plus is that the ferry is huge, and you really don't stand a chance of being in line and not making it on the boat. Sometimes you do have to wait for a few ferries.

Personally, I would stick to fast food since you'll only have one short day and since you dont' have any small children. If your GS does really want to see the characters, it's a good idea, but my guess is that it's not a biggie for him.

You'll need to take good use of fastpasses since you don't have much time. If you want to ride Pooh, get those first since they run out earliest. Since you won't be able to move very quickly, you may want to stay put, get drinks, or something like that while someone gets fastpasses quickly. (That's a good job for a child who never gets tired. :D )

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make sure you really research the rides in the parks you are visiting so you don't get overwhelmed. Sometimes the first day is so much you will miss the things you really want to see unless you have a strong game plan. Also if you are only there for 2 days you might want to choose only one park Universal or MK, not both, especially since you have a late arrival. Just an idea. Whatever you do I hope you have a great time!!!!

An 11 year old is going to want to go on Space Mountain, Space Mountain, Thunbder Mountain and Buzz Light Year. If possible I would also reccomend The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Carribean. Besides using the fast pass your best be for any of the "mountains" will be to wait till just before closing. Good Luck , I hope you get to see as much as you can. p.s. He will LOVE Universdal!!!

The use and route to take for your EV I'd post on the DISability board. There are a great number of very informed folks over there that can really be a lot of helf to you if you need any special game plans :)

Thanks again to everyone for the suggestions. I did post on the disABILITIES board concerning the ECV and received good information about that issue. Am looking forward to a trouble-free trip thanks to the information provided here.


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