HELP! Are the Disney packages worth the money?


Earning My Ears
Jan 17, 2001
Hey! I'm new here, and I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm taking my little sister to Disney World in August for a high school graduation present. I realize this is not a 'cheap' venture, but I would like to get the most value for my dollar. Are the Resort Magic or Discovery Magic packages really worth the money? What about Unlimited Magic Passes? Price of food? Can you bring food and drinks with you if you stay on site? I haven't been to WDW since I was 11 years old, they were building EPCOT then.
Oh yeah, what does HIFS mean?
Thanks everyone for the info!!! :eek: <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">
sharkie, general consensus on the boards are that the disney packages are not worth the money. Using the info you can find here you can generally book a vacation for a lot less by doing it yourself.

However, some people like the packages cause then everything is done.

You could also try using Dreams Unlimited. Many people seem to be very happy with their service.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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First of HIFS stands for Holiday Inn Family Suites.

IMHO (In my humble opinion) the packages are not worth what you pay. I find it is cheaper to get room only ressies, and then buy my own park passes based on how many days I plan to be in the parks.

These boards are a great place to learn all the different possible ways to enjoy WDW.

Yes you can bring food and drink with you when staying on site. Many people bring a cooler with drinks and breakfast items and do that in thier room before they start they day.

One of the other things I recommend = especially for the first time trip planner is to work with Dreams Unlimited to make your trip truly amazing.
Click here to go to the Dreams site.

All you need to do is fill out a request for the times and resort you think you want to stay at and they will get you a quote. Then work from there to see what kind of deal they can get you...

Good luck on your trip planning

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Here's what I suggest
1. Go to click on vacations then WDW and price the different packages. Make sure you know what the one you really want includes. And what you really want to do.
2.Then price the rooms during August it may fall into a special discounted season, I'm not sure. Price the room for your stay.
3.Next go to mary's site to see if they have any codes or specials going on during your time frame. Somtimes if you play with the dates you can get in on specials. Ex. some people got in on the 49.00 room rates at the all-stars last week. And from what I understand the code is still available. Once you get the code have a calendar in front of you because you MAY have to play with your dates.
4. Finally go to Deb's site http://www.wdwig/contents.htm and price tickets. Depending on the savings amount it may be worth you buying a Disney Club card. The discounts are the same (in some cases) or similar to the AAA discounts.
5. Read, read ,read!!!! This board and Deb's have alot of insider tips and useful info. like park strategies, most see and must do's, etc...
6. Relax and enjoy! The planning can be so much fun also.

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Will hubby ever let us stay anywhere else? :rolleyes:

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I have been a faithful "viewer" of this web site for approx. a year and a half. I decided to give DU a try. Boy has Michelle H. come through for us. She has been a very punctual & reliable person to work with and has answered all my questions about my room only reservation within 24 hours. Today, she just saved me $932 on my room only reservations for 2 rooms. Otherwise, I was going to be paying rack rate for both rooms. Yippee!!!! Give-em a try - what do you have to lose??? Good luck!!


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