Heather & Andy's Honeymoon Recaps 12 - Boma Breakfast, leaving WDW

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    Monday, August 12, 2002

    Our one week anniversary! We woke up around 9:00, packed our luggage, and called for it to be held for us downstairs until our towncar came to get us. We wanted to watch the animals, but they weren’t out that morning! So we went downstairs for our 10:00 priority seating at Boma. We had the frunch to drink, which was good, though a little tart. Our server seemed quite busy – he never refilled our juice. The buffet was good, definitely better food than at Donald’s Breakfastasaurus. Nothing truly exotic, but just overall a pretty good breakfast. Breakfasts aren’t that memorable to us, since they tend to be all fairly similar, but we do like Boma itself.
    After Boma, we went to Downtown Disney, to look through the shops there and pick up our personalized photo album. We bought some small photo albums for our parents, and a gift for my goddaughter Zoe, too – a Beauty & the Beast music box. I wanted the CD with the fireworks music on it, since I LOVE the music for the MK fireworks, and wanted to remember how it sounded on our wedding night, from the yacht.
    We walked around a little bit more, into some of the shops (Andy likes Hoi Polloi), and then decided to go back to the GF to say goodbye to our “home.” We took a bus to the GF, and walked around there, out to the marina, and then along the beach past the pavilion and to the Poly. We walked to Sunset Point, and we both walked along that long walkway there. I remembered there was a thread a while back about how many steps it was, so we counted from the start of the walkway to the center of the circle there was 104 steps for both of us. Andy took some footage there, and we talked about doing our 5 year vow renewal here, though I’m afraid that weather anxiety would kill me if we went with this for our location!
    Then we went into the Poly, to see if we could track down the source of the abominable smell that comes from the back corner, where Captain Cook’s is and the clothing store. It smells like mutton tallow - gross! We’ve both noticed it, on this trip and on our April trip, but can’t figure out what it is.
    It was about time for us to leave, so we sadly took the monorail to the Magic Kingdom, then the bus back to AKL, where our towncar was supposed to pick us up.
    We wandered around, exploring the AKL lobby, then went outside to watch the animals. There was a gazelle wandering around with a big pink dart hanging out of its side! We asked the guide there what it was for, and she didn’t know, so kept calling around on her walkie talkie until she found someone who knew and could explain it. He came out to talk to us, and told us that they were de-worming the gazelles with the medication in the darts, and that eventually the dart would fall out. The animals were all out again, so we stayed there for a while, talking to the guides and watching the animals. Then we went back inside, because I wanted to talk on that little bridge above the lobby before we left. We took the elevator up, and I got to walk on the bridge, and then it was time to leave!
    We were so sad to collect our luggage, and wait there for the towncar to get us. The driver, when he came, was really funny, though, and kept talking to us about how much he disliked New Yorkers and would only date Southern women, because they are much more polite. It kept us from pining too much, as we were leaving.
    When we got to the airport, the first place we went after we checked in was the Disney Store! We walked around for a bit, then sadly waited for our plane. I took my Xanax, but it didn’t really seem to work on this return flight, so I freaked out on the plane. Andy was distracting me by letting me watch the wedding videos on his camcorder, while we were flying (after we were allowed to use portable electronic devices – can you tell we fly a lot?). The flight was on time, and we got back and went to bed, because we both had to work the next day.
    And they both lived happily ever after...
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    Dec 28, 1999
    I have always like Donalds breakfast.....now you have made me want to go and spread our wings....thanks for your report
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    Thanks so much for an excellent, well detailed report!

    It was a pleasure reading your experiences & sharing your wedding with you!

    Thanks again!

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