Healthy Food for the Summer

Discussion in 'Eating Healthy' started by michellebarimbad, Jun 6, 2011.

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    Jun 6, 2011
    I really love to share my favorite summer cooler where I read it on the internet last month ago.

    Try this at home.. It is so delicious and I loved it.

    This serving is good for the entire family.

    Main ingredients needed:

    1 whole watermelon
    1can of condensed milk
    10 cubes of Ice
    10 pcs of crackers

    How to Prepare:

    1. Cut watermelon in cubes and put it into bowl
    2. Pour condensed milk
    3. Then turn crackers into small bits then mix it into bowl
    4. Lastly, Put ice cubes and mix it all wait for 2 minutes until it cools

    So guys, its so healthy and so delicious :love:

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