Healthy Cooking 6/6: Safety Nets

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    Oct 12, 2000
    June -- the beginning of summer. The flowers, the warm sun, the smell of suntan lotion, the weddings, graduations, family reunions, communions...THE FOOD!!!!!! ARGH!

    Since I have two weddings, a bunch of graduations, 3 birthday parties and a communion coming up over the next 3 weeks, I thought I'd talk about safety foods and strategies for eating at the many celebrations and get togethers.

    For me, many of these events are happening during off-meal times. Like the 8:00 p.m. wedding with a sit-down dinner or the 2:00 bar-b-que. Which makes it hard to keep with my eating strategy.

    My plan for those days is to eat veggies and fruits at regular meal times to take the edge off my hunger and help me keep making good meal choices. On Saturday night, before I get ready for the wedding, I'll treat myself to a tray of fresh green beans, carrots, radishes, peppers and broccoli along with a couple of crackers with hummus. It will be a filling and low point treat that keeps me from eating everything in sight once I get to the wedding.

    So what are your plans for dealing with these situations? Do you have a tried-and-true strategy? Are you trying to develop one? Do you say "Who cares, it's a party" and just eat what ever you'd like? Let us know.

    Have a great week!

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