Heading to DLP Mon need help.

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  1. StitchloverFl

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    Aug 10, 2018
    Hi, I'm heading to DLP Monday from Fl. I have my room, and half board package (thanks to help from reading the boards so long). I know my food options are limited, but can I use my standard half board voucher to eat at Remy?

    Also I know we get no discount for things even though I'm an AP holder for WDW. Do they honor our pass for anything in the park or villages?

    Lastly I'm staying in Cheyenne...is it possible to use the pool or gym at the other on-site hotels, or are they exclusive to those resort guests?

    Other than that any recommendations are always appreciated! I'm SOOOOO excited!
  2. Karin1984

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    Feb 5, 2012
    1. According to the website:
    • Whatever Meal Plan option you choose, lunch/dinner vouchers are accepted for their monetary value in all restaurants in the Disney Parks and Disney Hotels as well as certain Disney Village restaurants for a meal that includes a starter, main meal and a desert or an all-you-can-eat buffet with a soft drink.
    2. You might get a rare smile :) But, to be fair, my AP from DLP is not accepted in WDW either ;-)

    3. Unless they have changed the policy, only Infinity passholders can use certain pools while not staying at that resort.

    And recommendations: Don't compare too much, be aware of cultural differences and just enjoy yourself. Have fun!
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    May 9, 2016
    Half board standard still offers some lovely choices, I really like Agrabah, Plaza Gardens and la Grange. You can of course use them at face value which I think is about €30 or there abouts off other restaurants. BCR is lovely and to be honest the lower value set meal appeals to me more than the Premium one.
    Unfortunately they don't offer discounts for WDW AP in so far as I know as the park has its own AP.
    We stayed in the Cheyenne last August and it was a lovely walk to the park but unfortunately no pool and you cannot access the pools of other hotels but I suppose that cones with the lower price point of the rooms, DLP can overall seem a lot more expensive than US parks.

    My big tip, bring water bottles as Soda is very expensive in the parks and it's warm this time of year. Bring a rain poncho as it's also prone to sudden downpours. Lastly, don't compare it to WDW, The french have their own way of doing Disney, it's very beautiful but very European, once you get over the slightly grumpy staff, the staff turning up where you don't expect them... expect the odd tattoo, beard and other things that make you look twice. Oh and regrettably expect smoking, they're working on it but it's still a massive problem.
  5. mattkev2001

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    Aug 17, 2004

    Just got back. Here is a copy of my report. We stayed at the Sequoia so it is mostly reflective of our experiences there - the Cheyenne is a bit further of a walk - but there is info on the rides (teenager rides).....Hope it helps......

    Just returned from DL Paris, July 31-Aug 3. 3 nights, 2 full days in parks. Stayed at Sequoia Lodge:

    Arrived via train from Paris late afternoon on July 31 and checkin went smoothly. 2 Families, each with 2 Adults, 2 Teens. As DVC owners, VWL, we were unfortunately disappointed in the hotel rooms at the Sequoia Lodge and some areas of the facility. Word of caution to DVCers staying at Disney hotels at DL Paris- it is NOT DVC standard, size or amenities. We stayed at one of the lodges, not the main building, and the room was small, tight quarters, 2 double beds, outdated decor, reminiscent of a 1970s New Hampshire motel/hotel. The pool area was small and unkempt. We Literally had to climb over a pile of dirty towels to get into the locker room to get to the pool. Definitely not Disney standard. The locks on the room doors were literally coming out of the wall when you in put your room key in the slot and then pull it out to open the door. Worst of all, the air conditioner was not effective at all. Despite it runnnng and appearing to be set at a reasonably cool temperature, it was not cool at all! Unfortunately, the temps were in the 30s Celsius so it was hot.

    BTW, We had 2 separate keys from the hotel; a room key and a charging key - this one never worked despite going back to main desk twice to get them reprogrammed. Then we had a park pass and FPs to carry around so they definitely need to upgrade to the Magic Bands!

    The staff was friendly and the grounds were reasonably clean (except pool locker room) - although trash not emptied or cleanup immediately as in WDW. We did not eat at a restaurant at the hotel so cannot comment in that area.

    So, caution to all DVC owners - we are spoiled by WDW DVC hotels!

    We were pleasantly surprised with the parks - the rides especially for the teens! Hyperspace Mountain was awesome - better than Space Mountain. Big Thunder was longer and more thrilling. The Indiana Jones ride was cool, thrilling but short. Haunted Mansion was closed - bummer. There were a lot of closures though. Hyperspace was closed at least 6 different times over the 2 days and Indy and Big Thunder were closed at the 10a opening. They did reopen later that day. The lines were average - 30-60 mins for the big ones without FP. Most people know the FP are still the old version - go to the ride with your park ticket and put in FP machine to receive a ticket FP.

    We ate at at Capt. Jack’s at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and enjoy the atmosphere, service and meal. The rest of our meals were quick service in the parks.

    At Studios, we also had a pleasant experience. The rides again were terrific, especially the Crush ride - which for some unexplainable reason, did not offer a Fast Pass. Ratatouille was fun, a motion type ride. The little food areas and sitting areas were very cute and enjoyable. Tower of T and Rock n Rollarcoaster were awesome as usual.

    The staff at both parks were friendly and helpful although it did not seem like that there as many cast members as we nornmally see in WDW. The parks were still clean and not lacking anything.

    Disney Village:
    We had to walk through Disney Village from our hotel to the parks. Much smaller that at WDW. We ate at Annette’s Diner on our arrival day which was both very disappointing and expensive. We ended up resorting to Five Guys and Starbucks at Disney Village. The World of Disney Store did accept our DVC membership card and gave us a 25% discount which was huge. The emporium did not accept the card.

    Overall, our Disneyland Paris stop (between our Paris and London stops) served its purpose as a new, fun break from the typical sightseeing of Paris and London for our children’s first trip abroad. However, it Is definitely worth noting that the Disneyland Hotels (at least the Sequoia Lodge) are sub par and not reflective of our DVC experiences in Florida.
  6. StitchloverFl

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    Aug 10, 2018
    Thank you so much everyone for these tips. They are super helpful in planning my packing too! Do they let you bring water and umbrellas in like they do here in the states?

    Would you recommend a reservation for Agrabah or Plaza? Or just walk in and should be no issue?
  7. micksn

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    Nov 23, 2010
    Yes you can bring water and an umbrella. I would recommend reserving for both restaurants, although you don't need to far in advance it's still best to book!
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    May 22, 2013

    We leave Tuesday for back to the states and are loving our experience. We have found the staff to be over the top amazing. The TOT team cracked us up today and had my kids in stitches even though they don’t speak French. We are at the Disneyland Hotel and love it better than our usual hotel of Contemporary. The staff has been outstanding and the room service was serious about putting a pretty table for us with a fresh flower! I am finding this place so charming and lovely. Yes it is different, but in such a magical way. They have some fun food stands open in the Studios back by the ratatouille ride and you should try them out. We sampled some food and wine today and enjoyed it.

    Have fun! We have been to Disneyland and Disneyworld and are really enjoying ourselves here. Have fun!!

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