Have you seen this commercial? HELP!


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Jul 8, 2004
I know this is really vague, but I'm really hoping someone will know what I'm talking about. My ds (7) really wants a remote/radio control truck for Christmas, he's been eyeing the monster trucks at Walmart and Circuit city. So far the ones he's pointed out have been between $80-$100, but if it's what he wants we're going to get him pretty much JUST that. Anyway, I haven't bought it yet and the other day he saw a commercial in the morning, probably on cartoon network or nickelodeon for a remote control SOMETHING (???), but he didn't tell me about it until after the commercial. All he really said was that it had "fire" on it and I think it doesn't have a wire going from the remote to the vehicle. I think he said it was a truck, but it may be a car. Does anyone have any ideas? I searched Amazon and KBToys websites last night and didn't find anything with flames on it, and of course I'm really hoping this toy will be cheaper than the other ones he's looked at. If I find one online close to that description I'm going to have him look at it and tell him I'm going to email that website to Santa so he knows what he wants. Any help would be appreciated.
Maybe the very popular.... "Terrain Twister".... it doesn't actually have wheels, it kind of has "twisters" on the bottom. Very cool looking. My DS wants one, but I have been unable to justify the approx. $50-60 plus $30 battery that this costs! My DS's bday is in January, so I will be looking for this marked down after CHristmas (if there are any left!). Not sure if it has any kind of "fire" on it or not...............P
I thought radio shack had some less expensive ones.
JUST SAW IT...it is from Radio shack...the truck is green with red flame on it. I hope this helps.

These boards are great, I really appreciate your help. I looked at that "Hot Popper" one on Amazon, but I'm hoping that's not it, I wasn't really impressed with it. Thank-you all for responding, oh, I looked at the Radio Shack site too and thought it could be a couple on there. Anyway, I finally gave up because it was driving me crazy. I was out today and found a good sized Dodge Ram pick-up with flames on it, kinda decked out like a race car with huge monster truck type wheels (I guess with four boys I should learn the terminology, huh? :rolleyes: ) for $50 at Rose's so I bought it.

I was really surprised, my Walmart still had the leappad w/ 2 books for $20 so I picked up one of those, too. And Gamestop had all of their used PS 2 games bogo and I have no problem with used games for my kids and dh (they lose interest in them so fast that I hate to pay $40 for one game) so I bought 3 of those, too.
I bet it is the Terrain Twister. They have been running lots of commercials on the channels mentioned. My nephews (6 and 8) have both asked Grandma for one. I have a girl so I don't have to buy this expensive toy- American Girl and Limited Too get all my $$.
canwegosoon said:
I thought radio shack had some less expensive ones.
JUST SAW IT...it is from Radio shack...the truck is green with red flame on it. I hope this helps.

I just saw the commercial too. They are called Zip Zaps and are only available at Radio Shack. They have all different kinds but the one with flames is the Bigfoot monster truck. Here is the link.



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