haunted mansion room, gone for good?

Discussion in 'Virtual Traders Market' started by LittleRydia, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. LittleRydia

    LittleRydia Living in my little magic forest

    Oct 15, 2005
    i was told last night by a CL friend of mine that it is no longer at disney? is this true? i was hoping to go to disney the next week or so just to get this room and pirate room. but now it seems i cant :(

    so i am looking for one to trade for.. i admit i dont have much rare stuff. i have these items and maybe more if i get quest items at disney.

    cactus chair (quest one)
    magenta rocket
    light blue rocket
    indian outfit
    two cowboy pants
    two cowboy shoes
    three muskeeter hats
    two backwards hats
    one peterpan hat
    yellow explorer outfit
    one pair blue shoes
    fireworks magic

    please post if you have a extra code. like i said if you need some other quest items let me know. if you could hold onto to the code till i go to disney and get some.
  2. riccio13

    riccio13 ~Pirates Of The Caribbean~

    Aug 3, 2005
    it is gone from both DL and WDW for the moment but, i am not sure if it is gone for good; as i asked the tour guide if it was gone for good and he said, probably not gone for good but maybe they are just rotating the tours around. but nobody really knows for sure.
    btw my tour guide at WDW was Ryan and He Rockz!!
    i had him for the HM and the POTC Tour :)
  3. lovethattink

    lovethattink TPAS Moderator Moderator

    Sep 17, 2004
    Someone asked about that on my tour on Nov 13 at WDW. Our tour guide said "to be honest, I just don't know." Sometimes we only find out the day a tour changes.

    Back in Aug when we did our first tour, our tour guide told us, "the next time you can do a VMK tour, you will not be doing the Haunted mansion tour. It will be the pirate tour instead. The haunted mansion is going into refurbishment." She hinted around that the HM was going to be decorated for Christmas like it is in DLR. Then after Christmas the decorations will go down. After HM is back to normal, then HM tour will resume.

    So who knows. There is always contradiction when you ask a CM anything. The upper level CM don't disseminate their knowledge to lower level CM too well. Try to ask 5 different CM the easiest way to get to DTD from the Magic Kingdom and you'll get all kinds of different answers.
  4. LittleRydia

    LittleRydia Living in my little magic forest

    Oct 15, 2005
    wow thanks everyone for the new on this :) atleast now im totally upset and might still have a chance lol. really though thanks and ill ask them when we go about it. :) ill look for ryan also lol XD

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