Has the forest fire affected wdw at all?


Earning My Ears
Sep 26, 2000
I've been reading a little about the fire and wondered how close it is to wdw, and if it is having any affect such as smoke, ashes etc.
When we were there in February there was ashes on our rental car a few mornings.

The smell of heavy smoke was usually noticable in the morning and late afternoon into the evening.

A few times I had to breath through my sleeve while outside.

If we were indoors we didn't smell it at all.

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Thanks for answering Lynn CC. We leave tomorrow for wdw and I was more than a little curious about this!
Carol :D
At the moment, there are no fires in the area. Of course, things change often due to the lack of rain!

Christy--Cast Member at Disney's Animal Kingdom!


The First week of April there was an Arsinist that started several fires!! I hope they caught him/her. :eek:



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