Has anyone tried HRH Club Suite?


Earning My Ears
Mar 15, 2001
We will be staying in a HRH Club room since everything else was sold out when we'll be visiting in April. I managed to find a decent rate compared to what the hotel quoted, but am still wondering if it will be worth the $$. Can anyone comment?
Well my wife and i stayed in a club room in feb and we had a great time. The only difference between the rooms is you get breakfast in the morning and snacks with beer wine and mixed drinks in the evening from 5-7 if you like to drink it could add up but the rooms are the same size.You will have to use your room key in the elevator to go up to the 7th floor also.We enjoyed it because after a long day of walking and having fun it was nice to sit back and have a few drinks and a nice snack. Snacks were prime rib one night shrimp another night and cheese crackers & fruit every night.Hope you enjoy your trip my wife and i can not wait to go back... :)
How much more was the Club room? May I ask what you rate was for the club room? We had a club room and boy was it convenient to have breakfast right there without leaving, sitting down and ordering (especially with children). If someone likes to wake up at different times and grab a bite or cup of coffee, you don't have to leave the floor! Depending on the cost difference, I would go with the club room. It is very nice to have a cocktail in the evening as well. We even took them back to the room while we were dressing to go out. It is a very nice perk. My children also loved the cookies and milk (O.K., so did we adults)!

If we went back and couldn't get an upgrade to a Club room I would still pay extra for the convenience. Heh, think of how much you would spend on breakfast at the restaurant!
Thanks for the info! I found a rate of $259 versus the $345 the hotel quoted. I don't know if an entertainment card would have worked for this room, but I didn't have time to get one and find out since this is a last minute trip, and the rooms were filling up so fast. I was about to pay $235 for a garden view, but when I went to buy it, it was gone!

I wish we could've gotten a better deal, but at this point I really don't care! It's not every day my husband offers to take me on a trip to Florida! We went in 1999 with the kids and had a good time, but I didn't get to ride the big coasters since my son was too little at the time and the crowds were ridiculous after lunch. This time I'm trying not to feel guilty about leaving the kids at Grandma's!

More questions if you don't mind: I thought this was a "suite" vs. a room (?) Also, is there a lounge on the 7th floor just for club guests? Do they just give you one round of beer / wine & then make you pay for the rest???
The rooms are identical to those on other floors, they have standard rooms, deluxe rooms and suites. If that price is for a club suite then it's a fantastic rate! The difference is that you have access to the club lounge, which has drinks, breakfast snacks and cookies (depending on the time of day). You could have as many drinks as you wanted! They are available from 5:00 - 7:00, so if you are big drinkers, I imagine you could certainly get your moneys worth! I even saw 2 boys (who looked about 16) fill up water glasses with Skyy Vodka and walk back to their rooms. I don't know what the policy is on serving minors or if it makes a difference that they are not selling alcohol rather than giving it away but I thought I'd let you know about my observation.

Also the concierges were wonderful. They made dinner reservations for us, called the shuttle service and made arrangements and basically helped us with anything we needed. Sean Fallon was very helpful and confirmed all our reservations, etc. All this without going down to the concierge desk (They are in the lounge all day)


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