Has anyone taken the Sea World tour from The Disneyland Hotel?


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Jan 31, 2000
I remember doing this the first couple of times that we visited Disneyland (about 7 years ago). We stayed at the DH and the bus picked up outside the lobby area. After picking up people from neighboring hotels we were taken to a 'hub' where we purchased tickets and boarded a different bus which took us to Sea World.

It was an all-day tour....left around 8:00am and didn't get back to hotel until about 8:00pm.

Has anyone done this lately? And if so, what are your thoughts about it? And do you remember how much it costs?

Thanks in advance. :)


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I'd love to know about this too. This is something that I definately want to include in our plans as well. Anyone know?
Bumping this up. I'd like to find out about side tours as well. Besides Sea World, I'd like to know if there are tours to either San Diego Zoo or Legoland.

My mother and DD did this tour and LOVED IT! :D

After I interrogate (LOL) my mother about the details, I'll update this post with the particulars. :)

Okay here is what my mother said:

She went down to the lobby and spoke with Guest Services.

Her ticket was $100.00
My DD's ticket (age 9 1/2) was $75.00

This price included transportation by Greyhound Bus (which she said was very comfortable), admission into the park, and lunch (which is a buffet, but the tables are outside just feet from a big pool where they let you watch them train the whales---she said this is VERY cool! :) )

They were picked up in front of our hotel (The DL Hotel) at 8:30am and taken to a bus hub. Here they were able to buy some snacks from vending machines and acquire they're necessary tickets).

Then they boarded a different bus which took them to Sea World. The bus time from hotel to park was about 2 hours.

They are dropped off around 10:30am.

They are picked up at 6:00pm.

This bus doesn't stop back at the hub, it drops everyone off at their hotels.

My mom and DD were dropped off at 8:00pm sharp! Just as promised. :)

Overall, my mother said it was The BEST! :) A lot of fun things to do and see. The shows were fantastic as usual. The food was good. The service was great. They even have some rides now, but they didn't venture onto any of them. My DD did try out rock-wall-climbing and loved it! :)

Have Fun! Sounds like a nice way to break up a Disneyland trip. :) :D :) :D
About San Diego Zoo and Legoland....

My mother is pretty sure they go to Legoland, but she can't remember about the S.D. Zoo

I would call Guest Services at your hotel. Now make sure you ask for The Best tour company they can recommend. My mother spoke with the people at the DL Hotel and the man at the desk highly recommeded this particular company (but my mom can't remember the name.....dagnabit!). There are several different tour companies...so be picky and make your requests clear. :)


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