Has anyone heard the story about the 2 young Police


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Feb 5, 2000
Officers who were killed this week in Detroit, by a 22 y/o? They were doing a routine traffic stop & this 22 y/o man (scum) got out of his car & shot one of the officers, who was walking back to the squad car with his license in hand. When the other officer got out to shoot back, the 22 y/o fired off 22 or 23 bullets, leaving one officer dead & the other in critical condition, until a few hours later when she also died.

I'm watching the funeral service right now on TV & can't help but choke back tears. The streets of Detroit are lined with hundreds of Police Officers, even from other States, paying their last respects. The Police Officers were sooooo young & just doing their job. :(

Jennifer Fetting, age 26
Matthew Bowens, age 21

Please say a prayer for their families to come to rest with this horrific crime.

I don't believe in the death penalty but today I'd be ready to sign a petiton to have that instilled in the state of Michigan. Cold blooded murder & now we will feed & house this cold blooded murderer. How wrong is that? :mad:

Miss Jasmine

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May 23, 2001
Oh yes. :(

DH is a police officer and this has been all over his police officer sites.

Traffic stops are never routine. :(


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Sep 14, 2002
As I do a few projects here, I have the TV on to the service. Such a sad, sad turn of events for those two young officers.
I have several family members that are police officers and this hits very close to "home" for me. All I can say is God bless the families of Jennifer and Matthew. Hopefully justice will prevail.



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Feb 5, 2000
I've never seen such a huge funeral procession. People are going into Police Depts. offering money to give to the families of the fallen officers & an elderly gentleman offered the 2 burial plots he had to the officers. These offers are coming in not only from the citizens of Detroit, but also from suburban areas.

Oh my....I have to go now...they're playing Amazing Grace...can't handle this...:( :( :(


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