Has anyone EVER gotten O-Tix for Cirque?


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Aug 17, 1999
I seemed to remember about getting discounted, same-day tickets for Cirque de Soleil from the Orlando Visitors Center, so I did a search here on this site to get the info.

I found several posts, one as old as 5/00, talking about the service.

So I went to the Visitor's Center's website, and found the info. Indeed, Cirque was listed as one of the participating "events" offered.

So I called the number, and the gentleman told me that they have NEVER offered tickets for Cirque and, even though their website reflects that they DO, they STILL can't sell them, as they're waiting for some contractural agreements to be signed.

Soooo... Has ANYONE ever really gotten these tickets, or have they just been suggesting that they "could" sell them for quite some time, but really couldn't?
Just curious -- I was hoping on trying my luck in April.

Thanks for any input!

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One of the Orlando offices has discounts on same day tickets. They no longer offer Cirque. I have never seen ANY CIRQUE TICKETS FOR ANY VENUE DISCOUNTED. They sell out. Some of the DD hotels offered a package included Cirque, it wasn't much of a savings. Your only luck is to find someone who can't use their tickets and are willing to sell at a discount.
Thanks very much, Lewisc, for your response.

The Orlando Visitors Center still has Cirque listed on their website, but I was beginning to wonder that it might not be true, since no one was responding.


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MVMCP, 2000

There has only been one discount that I've seen for Cirque Du Soleil--25% for Passholders last summer. I keep checking the Mickey Monitor for another one, but I haven't seen anything yet......



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