Has Anyone Been to DisneySea?


<font color=deeppink>I am a DISneyholic...<br><fon
May 14, 2001
I'm curious about this themepark in Japan. Has anyone heard anything about it? More importantly, has anyone been yet?
The pictures are just wonderful. Wish I could see this park for myself! Thanks for the reply and the link.
For me, this is the most exciting new park. I like more of the fantasy elements. I was going to go this year but other things came up :( I was hoping to go next year but it is the 20th Anniv. for Tokyo Disneyland and someone warned that it will most likely be incredibly crowded.
Okay Ms. Judy – we’re all envious. Really, we are.

So please don’t rub it in anymore!!!!! [grin]

P.S. Send us lots of pictures.

P.S.S. If you have a fast Internet connection, check out http://www.barrybedford.com/ for a large number of video taken around DisneySea and its attractions.


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