Hard Rock Hotel Phone Numbers


Nov 2, 1999
Does anyone know the phone number of the Hard Rock hotel front desk?

Also the fax number of the room controler?

35 more days :D


I'm just a Little Boy trapped in an Old Man's body.
Know I had the # now cant remember where I got it. Went to phone yesterday about my res&couldnt find it. Youve given me incentive to look again. I'm going through my Florida pile today&will post when I find it unless someone beats me to it.

Do you think it's worth speaking to the room controller? I will be there 2/16.
I'm wondering if it will make a difference.
Patti <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">
HRH's fax number is not listed correctly in some reservation systems. I sent them a fax to confirm my reservation, and they never received it (and my reservation was screwed up). Anyway, the phone number is 503-ROCK and the fax number is 503-ROLL ... pretty easy to remember!


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