Hard Rock Hotel Introductory Special - Thoughts?


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Dec 7, 1999
Has anyone gotten this package deal yet? It sounds pretty good to me and the price is fairly comparable to pricing everything separately. What do you all think?
Packages have so many variables. I can only decide if the price is comparable after checking all available discounted rates to what is offered and how many will be travelling.

Which package did you check, the one with or without tickets? I did the math with just the rooms and the rates were not comparable.


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I booked a package deal back in October for travel this April. That was long before I found this board. Turns out, I really could've done much better using the Entertainment book. Purchasing the E book is definitely worth looking into. Patti
I do have an Entertainment book, and I have been hearing that is the way to go. Does that $117 per night rate include all the taxes, surcharges, etc? Also, does the 3-day Multipark Pass give us the same options as the unlimited access pass that we would get with the package deal?

I really appreciate all your help and input!
I was able to find HOH gardenview with no special discounts for last week of April for 159.00 a night. Is that good?
When I talked to the package agent, we discovered that the Discover card Adventure package promo was a better deal than the HRH introductory package for a family of two adults and two juniors. I'm not sure if the Discover package is still available, but I believe it includes the same as the intro package except the movie passes. When I figured out the cost of park passes, the dinner that comes free, and the other items that we would probably buy (beverage cups), the room ends up costing about $140-$150 a night, which was fine with me and just one phone call to arrange. Also, I don't think that $117 entertainment rate is available during peak times. Does anyone know for sure?

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I got a rate of 129. plus tax (146.00 total) for a pool view room on April 8, thru Loews using the entertainment card. There were no 117. garden rooms available, but they had pool view rooms available with entertainment rate for the whole weekend.



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