Hard Rock Hotel Entertainment Rate - DC work for this?


Jan 6, 2001
We just signed up for the Disney Club to take advantage of discounts for our WDW stay. We're also doing 3 days at USF/IOA. My wife says that the DC card also works for Entertainment Discounts. Does anyone know if this would work with the Hard Rock?
I called the Disney Club, they made a phone while I waited, came back and said yes. Someone on this site called PFB and was told no. Today I went on the disneyclub.com site and they had PHB & HRH listed at 50% off w/the DC card. Just show the Entertainment logo on the back of the card when checking in. I have reservation for HRH at the Entertainment rate of $117.50. :)
I just want to scream!! I phoned to ask if the DC card would be valid and I was told no. So rather than cancel my reservation I've ordered the entertainment book- $30 but because I live in the UK it cost my $47.50 including shipping!!! Never mind it still looks like a brilliant hotel and FOTL should make the extra expense worthwhile.
I would rather spend $47.50 and know that I have the 50% off rate than get there and be told "no".

You are probably taking the safest route, Wendy, by ordering the Entertainment Book. Disney Club and Entertainment are two different co.s. Being a Disney Club Member allows you to have many of the Entertainment card privilages yet, it seems real sticky when DC can offer 1/2 off at on site Universal resorts(albeit they are Loews Hotels.) I would be worried,like GOOFY, that at check-in Loews will have untangled the snaffoo about DC cards at Universal. Perhaps that is why PBH is saying NO and Disney Cub is saying YES.


Thanks for the reaasurance. I am still looking forward to our stay and $50 isn't that much considering how much our total vacation is going to be!

I just hung up the phone with the HRH - the girl knew nothing about using the DC for a discount at the HRH - she said I'd have to get the Entertainment Book for the discount rate she gave me & present my membership card upon check in
This is so frustrating! :mad: I called the "Contact Us" line on the DC website. They can't help you with what's posted on their site because that seems to not be their JOB. They gave me a # to call DC reservations, who gave me a # to call the DC. The DC said if it's in the book show them. (Orlando Hotels are not listed in any book. Entertainment or DC) They only show Orlando Hotels on the web sites. She told me to print out the page and take that. HRH & PFB are both giving out Entertainment rates (I have one) but state you need the Entertainment book(it's not listed). We are only suppose to have to show that darn card, why is this such a problem and why doesn't the DC know what's on their web site? :(
Any one else want to try and pump info from the DC? <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused"> It just seems that if we are given a benefit as a member, we should not have to jump through hoops to use that benefit when available, or to get info from the one party giving us the benefit. Talk about pass the buck. Sorry, I vented again.
It is frustrating. I agree.
Perhaps you should try emailing Loews,Inc. (look on their website). I would consider the Hotel where you are staying the final authority as to them accepting the DC card. I cant imagine anything worse than having to have to "enlighten the desk clerks" on check-in of your great vacation.
It is a tangled web. Can you imagine a WDW resort accepting a Universal Fan Club card?

Email Loews and then you will have your, hopefully, positive response on paper.

Thanks for all your investigating!!!


Can you people stop and think for a minute about what you are doing? If you keep harassing Loews about whether or not they accept a DISNEY card they will make sure not to offer an Entertainment discount next year! Your Disney Card is an Entertainment Card and I highly doubt they will give you any trouble with it. I also think that buying an Entertainment book is worth the substantial room discount Loews is offering!

My point is, stop harassing Loews or else next year's entertainment discount will not be valid at Portofino and Hard Rock because they do not want to be associated with a Disney Club!!!!
Jon, I promise you I will not bother Loews with phone calls. My problem is with the miscommunication at all ends. It appears no one has the answers here. The Entertainment logo is just that, whether it be in an Entertainment card or DC card, It's still suppose to be the logo that is valid for the discount. It's the same as having a City bank Visa Card or a Bank of America, they are still Visa cards excepted where ever Visa is excepted. That's the way the DC Entertainment logo is marketed, Excepted where ever The Entertainment Card is excepted. In my case I Recieved the Entertainment discount, my DC logo is suppose to be valid.
I just received an email from Loews/Universal.(sorry jon).

They accept the Entertainment Disc.!! BUT only W/VOUCHER.
I am so glad we may have an answer. A lot of people would have been upset at check-in!! Perhaps they have changed the policy, or it has not been enforced. It seems ALOT of people have gotten the discount with just the card.
I don't believe it is the answer we wanted but, I hate to be suprised when it comes to money. Has anyone ever seen one of these vouchers? I currently do not own one of the books. Do I order a local Orlando one?



For the person who is relying on the membership card that comes with the Entertainment Book (rather than the Disney Club card), there are NO coupons, vouchers, nada! I would PRINT OUT the information from the Entertainment or Disney Club web sites to prove that the Entertainment membership covers the two Loews hotels. The membership card is ALL that is necessary at check-in to get the Entertainment discount.

Here's the link from the Entertainment web site that shows the Hard Rock Hotel (shown at the very bottom): http:/ /www.entertainment.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=findHotels&page=2&hotel_address=&hotel_city=orlando&hotel_state=FL&hotelSearch=true&hotel_zip=&hotel_country=US&county= The PBH hotel is listed on the next page.

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There is no voucher or coupon, I have the Orlando book and there is nothing in it even mentioning Hard Rock or Portifino. Some times when you call the hotels they say you just need the card and sometimes they say a voucher, but I have yet to hear from anyone who has even seen a coupon or a voucher. There has been several people on here that have already checked in at PB using just the Entertainment Card so I would not worry too much about it.

Thanks for the link!
Here is the address for Universal I used. Their reponse was within an hour.


Perhaps you may get a different answer! Do you have an Orlando Entertainment book?


Dads right. I have never heard of anyone using a voucher or read it in the trip reports they have only spoken of the Entertainment Card.

Please let us know if you get an answer.


According to the DC site You are to identify yourself as a "Entertainment Member". Show the entertainment logo on the back of your Disney Club membership card to get your discount. There are not vouchers in the entertainment book or with the disney club. Only a card w/logo. I hope all this gets straightened out.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I just booked a pool view room for $129/night at the HRH! Woo Hoo!

Here is what Universal Reservations told me about the voucher - When I made the reservation, I was told I needed teh card and the voucher. When I challenged the voucher, she checked with her supervisor and confirmed that you DO NOT need one. This is an error in their reservation system. Apparently Entertainment was supposed to have printed a voucher in the Entertainment Book, but didn't. She confirmed all you need was the card.

I hope this helps! I can't wait to go - only four more months! Yeah!!!!

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