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    Sep 15, 2008
    Can someone who has been on the Dream recently please tell me if they still offer getting your full head braided on the ship or just the half-head "headband" look only? When I last sailed DCL it as on the the Wonder in January last year and I was told they did not do full heads anymore because it took too long (probably from people like me, my long/thick hair took about 3 hours). The braider did say if I got permission from the merchandise manager that I could have the whole head done, so it took a few days of following up at GS and getting to ask the right person, but finally they agreed as long as I was willing to pay, I could get the whole thing done, which I love and I did. However, I'm curious what the rule is now since I'm sailing next week.
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    Hi there!

    I can't speak about hair braiding on the ships (although I've seen what the end results are), but we have always (5 times) gotten our daughter's hair braided on Castaway Cay by the wonderful Bahamian braiders. The quality of the braiding they do is so daughter keep her braids in for months, and they have always held up to whatever she puts them through. In my opinion, the braiding done on Castaway Cay looks much more authentic (smaller braids, meticulously done) than what is offered on the ship. Just follow the hair braiding signs on the island to find them (past Cookies across from the family beach).

    The hair braiding (as well as the tip...they will accept cash for the tip as well) done on Castaway can be put on your Key to the World card.

    I would imagine that they would be able to do a full head of hair. My daughter has gotten her half-head done (4 times), a hair wrap, and two single braids (which stayed in for 2+ months) done. The ladies are great with kids, and take their work very seriously. Last we sailed (Nov 2011), the braids were $2 each, and I believe hair wraps were $1/inch.

    I hope that helps! Enjoy your cruise!
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    I would love to see some pictures of the different styles if anyone has any, not sure if it is something I would do but would like to know if I should plan on looking into it. TIA

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