had me worried about FOTL - just back today !! thanks for info !


Earning My Ears
Mar 23, 2001
These boards are great! Found the website just a few days before leaving and all the info was a great help! I was very nervous about long wait times and this FOTL for onsite guests . . . even wondered if it would be worth it !
Well, the new EXPRESS system was great! We stayed at a nearby resort, but used the express option as often as possible. Kids are 9, 11, 17, so the thrills of IOA were a HIT and not having to wait in line was the icing on the cake !!
Went to US on Mon. and IOA on Wed. - never waited for more than 20 min. even without express !
It was great to just walk right on through to the front of the line with your express . . . a few venues meshed you in with the line near the front, with a little wait, but most ushered us right on to the very front!
CAUTION ! Pay attention to the "FRONT CAR" signs in the roller coaster lines !! Got in the wrong line on the hulk and waited a VERY LONG TIME . . . guess some (my kids!) would say it is worth it. Its OK - got to ride it a few times !! By the way, EXPRESS IS available for the HULK now !
ALSO, we started seeing "no further express passes available" signs around noon . . . and by 2 PM almost all said that. So -- start EARLY ! Get your designated ride time ASAP !!
Again --- thanks everybody for all the INFO !!
Thank YOU for the valuable info!

Sounds like you had a great time!


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