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    I'm hoping someone here has a suggestion or an idea about how I can help my daughter's cheer squad with Nationals. Our coach called the cheer group last week to block off our rooms and found out that for the first time ever, they had run out of available rooms. We were put on a waitlist and told yesterday that Disney would be unable to secure them any more rooms and we would have to make our own hotel arrangements. Our coach was able to get a decent rate at the Downtown Disney Best Western but most of our parents have never been to Disney and really want to stay on Disney property but financially its a little out of reach for a lot of them with all the values being booked. I have an AP and ran the numbers with the AP discount for February for the moderates and I think most would be able to swing that rate but since I'm the only one with an AP, I can only book 3 rooms. So what I was wondering was if anyone knew if it was possible to obtain a group rate from Disney that would come anywhere close to the AP rate and if so, if there is a special number that you all to request it. Can anyone help??
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    How many rooms would you need? Off the top of my head, I think they start room group rates once you are over 10 rooms. If you need less than that, they won't give you a group rate simply because you're a group.

    However, I'm not sure if the group rate is any different than what they were trying to book you with the sports package. They may still not have anything available. I feel like knowing how many rooms you needed, if a group rate was available they would have told you.

    I don't believe there is a special number to call until after you've secured the reservation. If it's more than 10 rooms just call the regular line and tell them how many rooms you need to book and ask to be transferred to the group booking line. They can at least let you know if anything is available... but I honestly wouldn't get your hopes up if they couldn't accommodate you through the sports packages.
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    Disney has group info at a special website. You can search for "disney youth" and it will give you the website. there are group/ field trip rates and info on room blocks.
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    If you need to book 10 or more rooms, Disney should be able to give you a group discount. You can call Group Reservations:

    Group Reservations
    (10 rooms or more)
    (407) 828-3318

    If you need less than 10 rooms, you could try going through a travel agency. I know Magical Vacations Travel can sometimes do group discounts if you have less than 10 rooms.

    good luck!

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