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Nov 23, 2000
I have a question about cruising with a group, I've never been on DCL, so I'm new to family (immediate family, plus aunts, cousins etc...)is interested in going on a cruise together. I'm in the process of contacting everyone to get a rough count of how many would actually go. We would probably need around 10 staterooms.

My question: Would you try to do the reservations on your own, or would you go through a travel agent??

Also, are you aware of any kind of discounts given to groups? How big would the group have to be??

I've checked on a cruise board, and didn't really get an answer, so I was wondering if anyone here could help??

Thanks!! Jaimee
Hi Jaimee! DCL considers you a group if you have a minimum of eight staterooms with 16 adult fares. There are discounts possible, as well as a "tour conductor credit" and your group gets a special amenity from DCL.

I would definitely suggest using a travel agent that specializes in cruising, as there are different ways you can set up your group and a knowledgeable travel agent will be very helpful for you. :)
Thanks for your response!!...I will check with a TA after I get a rough count.
DU is probably very good but I've got to put my vote out there for AAA. They'll watch for specials and you can too. Take advantage of the EB, Early Booking. I think you get a discount after the 8th cabin. Ask for the secret porthole rooms if you want to save some $$ and have 'light'.

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