Grocery store prices in Kissimee/Orlando area


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Jan 17, 2001
I read that some people are packing snacks and lite groceries and bringing them in their luggage while flying to Disney. I'm just wondering if the prices in the grocery stores are inflated because it's a tourist area. We're renting a house in Kissimee and will need groceries. We're driving our minivan so we would have room to bring some groceries. Do you think this would help cut down the cost (of groceries) for us, or do you feel that the grocery store prices are comparable to the Chicago area?
If you stay away from the Goodings by Downtown Disney and go the the Publix or walmart on 192, the prices were about the same as in Illinois. We were there in June of 2000.
I think Wal*Mart has the better prices. Just back last Thursday and had to go to both places, just a quick scan of what Publix had and what Wal*Mart had showed me a savings of approx. 10-15% at Wal*Mart. For me, well worth the extra 5 mins. to get there.


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It seems that people pack groceries for a variety of reasons. We do it to save on time when vacationing and because we drive our van. We are also able to get Sam's Club prices and coupon specials at home. We don't have to worry about locating/searching for specific favorite items in an unfamiliar store. So we just pick up the produce/perishables when we arrive. If someone is flying and taking a towncar, they may only get 20-30 minutes for a grocery stop and they may have to shop at convenience prices anyway. Packing works for them.


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