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Feb 20, 2001
I would like to go to a real grocery store, (reasonable prices) while we are camping at Fort Wilderness, (next week). I have read that there is a Publix? near by. Does anyone know how to get there, is it very close, as in just ten minutes or so away? I would love specific directions, or an address.
All i can tell you is that it is in Cross Roads.
I know how i get there out the back gate from Fort Wilderness but for me to tell you i get you lost.Just some other info there is a super Walmart about 20 min away also.


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If you go out the World Dr (MK) Exit follow the signs for the Wide World Sports complex/ Osceola Pkwy. The first traffic light past the WWS entrance is International Dr.S., turn right and there's a Publix about a 1/2 mile down on the left. The store in the Crossings Plaza is Goodings; the most expensive grocery store I've ever been in outside of NYC.

Thank you much for the directions and advice!

I still cannot get over Goodings. We stopped in there once several years ago, I think I am exagerating, but not by much, a bag of charcoal was $12, and people were buying it! That's what I want to avoid, but I also want to avoid getting lost, and irritated and losing valuable Disney time.
Now if only there was a Costco near by and easy to get to...

You have already received great advice and directions....I found Publix to be a very nice store with reasonable prices. We also went to Super Wal-Mart, and it was just like any other Wal-Mart you've ever been too. The Super Wal-MArt was on 192 between Markers 14 and 15 right next to MidEvil Times. Enjoy!!

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I agree one should avoid Goodings' outrageous prices unless you only need a couple of items, such as prepared foods from their deli. Everything from meats & dairy to produce, deli & canned goods... all sized and priced to gouge the tourists. It's like shopping at an airport convenience cafeteria, in a very attractively decorated environment - smile as you're robbed! Ugh!

We find the WalMart in east Kissimmee a bit too far. The Publix in east Kissimmee is easy to reach (one exit down Osceola Parkway plus toll) and so is the Publix in west Kissimmee. Both of those are on 192 and unfortunately, both are plaqued by significant traffic going one or both ways. :(

So our preference is to go down Hotel Plaza Blvd from DD, turn left at the Crossroads and follow S. Apopka Vineland all the way up to Sandlake Rd. Turn right and a couple blocks in, turn left onto Turkey Lake (shortly before the interchange for I-4). IIRC, there are a couple of large grocery stores right there, with excellent prices, like local people would pay.

We've taken that exit from I-4, when arriving into the area, and done our shopping on our way. Then we go west on SandLake to turn left on S Apopka Vineland and follow it all the way down to Crossroads. So far, we've never had any problem with traffic along there. I-4 is an easy alternative but more congested, IMHO. Hope that helps.

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