grocery at WDW?


Earning My Ears
Feb 19, 2001
is there any kind of grocery story on walt disney property? we would rather not rent a car when we are there, but 10 days of just restaurant food sounds pretty grim and expensive?

any tips?
I don't believe so, the only things they have are cereals, sodas, chips and snacks, beverages and things like that at the resort shops.

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Check out If you order a few days ahead, they will ship just about any non perishable items right to your resort. I have found the prices to be fairly competitive (at least with CT prices). We're going to try it out in March, then we can just supplement with milk and fruit sold at the resort. There are several posts about this if you do a search for NETGROCER.
Hope this helps :)
I know that last year when I stayed at the Disney institute they had a 'grocery list' that you could check off the things you wanted and they would get them for you and charge it to your room, but it wasn't normal grocery store prices, that's for sure. I'm not sure if they do this at all the resorts or just the home away from home ones.

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The resort gift shop sold lunch meat, bread, and condiments. They also sold cerial, milk, chips, and cookies. We were also a bit tired of "eating out" so a nice old fachioned baloney and cheese sandwich really hit the spot. Oh, they had Peanutbutter and jelly too :) for the more pickey palate :)
Unless they changed, you should be able to get the items like these and yes they were more $$ than from home, but still less expensive than an eat out meal. Gerri
PS. I think that we will try Netgrocer this trip too.

Hmmm ... you guys just gave me an idea. I could probably buy groceries myself and UPS them to myself. But, I will check out the prices at NetGrocer. Either that, or pack some snacks.

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The prices are okay and they have a pretty good selection--about what you'd find at a convenience store. We've decided to do something different the next. We're going to pack an old Samsonite suitcase (the hard kind) with food and take it with us. After a week, we will have probably eaten most of the stuff, so will just throw the suitcase away. We won't have to waste vacation time at a grocery store.

I just checked my copy of Walt Disney World without Kids for reference: Gourmet Pantry in Downtown Disney is a basic grocery store. Last time I was there, if I remember correctly, they had a deli, and a good selection of grocery items, drinks, frozen food items, cereal, soup, pasta, etc.. It's listed as Inexpensive by Disney standards, so judge accordingly.

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Also, there is a Goodings supermarket located about 2 seconds outside of Disney property. If you head towards Downtown Disney and head down the road to the Hotel Plaza (Grosvenor, Mariott, etc..) at the intersection, go straight into the strip mall. There is a Goodings right there, and it's 24-hours. I know you don't want to go off property, but it's such a short distance off the property that it should be considered. They have everything you could need!

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You might also want to

They will ship groceries to your resort :)

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How are you getting from the airport to the hotel? I know one of the sedan services will give you a 30 minute shopping stop on the way to the resort. Isn't it usually advertised on this website?
Ibex Towncar also offers the 30 minute grocery purchase service.

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I read on one of the boards that the resorts are now charging you if you have groceries delivered to the resort before you arrive. Does anyone know if this is true?

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