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May 18, 2000
We're planning a trip to Dissney in June and are looking at alternative modes of transportation. Unless we get a really good rate, flying is just too expensive. There is five of us. 2 Adults 3 kids. I'm looking into greyhound bus service, but we have never done anything like this before. Does anyone have any expierence with this? Is this an ok thing to do? Any information would be helpful. We would be leaving from the Chicago area. Thanks

Have you checked into the price? I can assure you that you could fly cheaper than taking the bus, even if it means using Priceline. The worst flight itinerary in the world would be 100 times better than spending 2-3 days on a bus.
have you conisdered the train? amtrak gives some great deals, so it is worth checking out, and if you don't mind spending the travel time it may be better on a train rather than a bus. what about driving? we drive as my wife can't fly, and it is easily the cheapest means of travel, and you won't need a rental car when you arrive. that is the other consideration with plane/train/bus, how do you get from your arrival point to disney--and are you staying off or on-site?
Yes I have priced out bus travel. For the 5 of us it would be $482.50 and would only be 25 hours of travel. Air fare is running about $1300.00. Our travel isn't real flexible. Amtrak was over $300.00 per person, but didn't check specials, because the travel time was a couple of days. Right now we are planning on driving, we do this every year, but were thinking about trying something different. We could get a taxi of Tiffany Towncar from the bus terminal in Orlando, that I have already checked. Also with priceline, there is no guarantee of direct flights, and with the kids I don't want to worry about missing connecting flights. I know that I am narrowing the parameters. We were just thinking that greyhound would give us close to the same price as driving, but with someone else doing the driving. So we wouldn't have to stop in hotels on the trip down and back, and would be more refreshed. We are staying on-site at the Treehouse Villas at the Disney Institute.

Thanks for your imput.


I am probably one of the few who does not think that is a bad idea. I just checked the rates for me and my son to go to Orlando from WI is 248.00. No way am I going to find air that cheap. Look for Companion fair. If you buy your tickets seperately. Husband+kid= your kid could be free. Then do one for the other 2. I will be looking at this idea for when we go in 03.
I too am going on greyhound from Baltimore,Md. to Kissimmee :D in April and my cost is $160.00 vs. almost $500.00 :eek:. I know the bus ride will be a little long,(20 hrs.) but Im saving for other things to do! :)
If you're afraid your car isn't up to the trip have you considered renting a van or car with unlimited miles from your nearby airport car rental places? We did this once or twice when our kids were little because we didn't think our car would be comfortable for the trip.

25 hours on a bus is a very long time for children. Greyhound does have 7 day and 14 day advance fares. They also have 2 for 1 fares but they are based on full priced adult fares. You can play around with all the fares and come up with a nice price. But 25 hours!!!!! There's no way around it. Also do you understand that this is NOT a straight shot. They (Greyhound) has very few direct schedules. You WILL have to change busses and CARRY YOUR BAGS to the next bus. Some of the major terminals may do it for you but, then you chance you package getting lost or daelaid. So what ever you do,if you go Greyhound make sure you transfer your own bags, even if the baggage handlers tell you "we got it", make up some excuse to do it yourself. Ex. I need something out of one of my bags and I don't know which one it's in. So if you think transferring on the plane is a problem missing your connction or delayed bags can be a transfer problem also. And lastly bring plenty for the kids to do. Coloring books, gameboys, books, crayons, small toys etc... because if after 10-15 hours your kids get really antsy and start to disturb others or the driver you and your family can get kicked off the bus at the next stop. The driver has the right to kick anyone off the bus that is creating a disturbance. (Just something to keep in the back of your mind or ask about before purchasing you tickets)
Also did you know that Amtrak has a special going on for the summer? You buy a ticket and get the 2nd ticket at 50% off and the 3rd ticket free! Check into that bcause that may be cheaper.
Good luck to you :)

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Will hubby ever let us stay anywhere else? :rolleyes:

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I would not take Greyhound. My son comes back from U of Maryland sometimes by Greyhound bus and they never run on time. His 3 hour trips last 5 to 7 hours. One time he got a direct non-stop bus(or so he thought) but the bus made stops anyway because it wasn't full. Service is pretty bad and there have even been fights with passengers and the bus driver. I would just drive down on your own. You can stop when you get tired and not worry about other people making the trip miserable. I have driven from NJ to WDW about 7 times. Just leave early enough so the kids can get some sleep in the car, bring games, cd's, to keep them occupied. Have fun.


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