Green Ribbons for DIS Members?


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Nov 27, 2001
I was just reading a post and heard mention of lime green ribbons worn by DIS members while on board? Is this correct? If so, in what way are the ribbons worn?
Lime green is the color. And it seems the brighter the better :D

We tend to tie them to our camera bag straps or purse straps. We have seen people in lime green shirts also.
I've seen ribbons on backpacks, purses, strollers, fanny packs. On the cruise, I generally wear a lanyard for my KTTW card, and I tie a bit of lime green to that. Several of the cruise CM's have mentioned that they often see people with lime green ribbons.

It's easier to find each other on the ship than it is at WDW.
When our group of 8 went our our land/sea trip last month we had lime green ribbon tied on EVERYTHING. The suitcases were so easy to spot when we went to get them at the airport. Twice other people tried to pick up our suitcase and still wanted it until I said NO WAY see that ribbon. We never seen any others with ribbon on land or sea.
The kids and I each had it on our back packs & purses.

We were really glad we had the ribbons on our suitcases when we got off the ship. We had 15 suitcases between the 8 of us and we could see almost all of them right away. When we seen one alone not near the others in an area it was not suppose to be in we started walking toward it. A man stopped us and said no all of your luggage will be over in the other section and motioned for us to leave the area we explained our ribbon and sure enough it was ours. He went and got it and apologized. I guess with tight securtity they watch people close.

We will always use it. It was hard finding it here in Iowa. After 2 weeks of searching we found some at the store FACTORY CARD OUTLET.


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