Great time at PBH, IOA; tons of pictures!


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Jan 3, 2001
My wife, 4-month old infant and I had a wonderful 5 days at the Universal theme parks in mid-December. I'll post a trip report in detail soon, but for now, check out tons of great pictures at (larger images behind each thumbnail for those who'd like to see them)

Schmoozed the front desk guy at Portofino to land an incredible suite upgrade (had booked a Pool View room through Universal Escape vacations); here's a pic of just part of the room (large dining room, huge living room with piano and 32" TV, kitchen, two baths, separate desk area and large foyer entry) - very cool!


Here are two more images; now check out the rest of the album :)


Thanks for sharing your pictures. They came out wonderful. What a beautiful suite.

Been there, done that, going back!!!
What great pics! Never realized Portofino looked so fabulous! Thanks for sharing those! :D

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<font size=2 color=navy>Mariah: The Collection - 69 CDs and Counting.</font>

<font size=2>"I Will Be Alright, If I Can Find That Rainbow's End." - Mariah Carey</font>
You take fabulous pics, thanks for sharing. Your pic of the dinosaur skeleton made my 5 yr old son VERY excited about visiting IOA! :D

how to be that good of smoozer!! Did you promise your first born or what! ;)
LOL!!! DisOrBust, I was wondering the same thing!
Thank you for sharing those pictures they are beautiful :)

Thanks for the pics. My daughter loves the grinch. I mean loves the grinch. It is strange since she is only 5 but she has an obsession with the movie and anything related to the grinch. I know they had grinchmas and thats why you have a picture, but are they going to continue to have some kind of grinch theming? We are going Feb 12 - Feb 22nd in a kids suite. By the way what kind of suite was that and PLEASE do tell us all about that schmoozing!!!! I bet it had something to do with that adorable little baby of yours!
Thanks for sharing those pics though they were great.
I would guess that the only Grinch theming would be a Grinch appearance. I've seen him around Seuss Landing, at the character lunch in Confscio's, and at the Seuss Landing Street Show.


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Thanks very much everyone for all the comments. Photography is one of my hobbies, so I really enjoyed all the eye candy at the parks. IOA is really beautifully designed, and the Whovillians and other characters were very accommodating in posing for pictures.

As I mentioned earlier, I'd booked a package with a Pool View room ($249/night) and signed up for Loews First. I called the hotel the week before arrival inquiring about an upgrade, but was told that I already had a Pool View room and there wasn't anything to upgrade to from that (unless I wanted to pay extra for a suite).

When I arrived there though, I asked for an upgrade again - the young woman checking us in said there was no upgrade available. I asked her to check with the manager there who I spotted behind the desk. I then talked with them, mentioned the Loews First membership, said it was a very special trip for my wife and I (first time at Universal in a very long time and also having an infant with us). Schmoozed him a little more, he said he'd see what he could do. He then checked the computer and said he had a nice room for us but it had two queen beds instead of the king we'd requested. I said I preferred a king since it usually left more room for the baby's cot, and he said "I think you'll find this room has plenty of space, you'll like it, trust me". And boy, was he right!

So we really lucked out. I also think that they'd had several no-shows that day because of bad weather in Atlanta which caused a lot of flight cancellations, so he was able to accommodate us. I checked the rack rates when we left and the suite we had went for around $700-800/night! Good deal :)

Let me know if I can answer any other questions of if anyone has comments about the photographs.

BTW, Stephanie, I've got some more pictures of the dinosaurs at Burger Digs for your son; here you go:




- Mohit
to bring a baby along and go for sympathy. Maybe I can put a bonnet on my cat...I would do it if it wold get me that suite!! :D

A baby certainly helps. Just gotta be nice but persuasive, don't insist on the upgrade like you're owed it because of Loews First, but make him feel like he really should be giving you this suite :)
I did take a couple more pictures of the suite, but they didn't really come out that good - it was tough to fit the whole thing in one shot anyway :)
Catul, you took some amazing pictures! I thought I took good pics but yours are beautiful! Thanks again, and if you have anymore please share them with us!


Thanks JPHolic! I'll go through my pics this weekend and see if there are more that you all might enjoy.


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