Great review for Neverland Club


Jan 26, 2001
We just got back from our visit recently. We have been wanting to do a "date-night" at WDW for several years, but needed to wait until our DS was 4 yrs old.

We took our 7 yr old DD and 4 yr old DS to the Neverland Club for the first time this trip. Although my DD was a little nervous at first, they both had a fantastic time. From the first moment we were there, they felt right at home and ran off to play.

My DD did crafts the whole two hours and my DS played with the "action men" figures. They watched a movie and ate their favorite food (chicken fingers).

When we arrived to pick them up, they didn't want to leave. They actually told us to go away and come back later.

Now my kids go to daycare everyday, so I was actually expecting them to be okay. (I was a little surprised at my DD being nervous, but she felt responsbile for her brother.)

We will definitely be going back to one of the sponsered clubs at our trip in August.


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