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    Aug 23, 1999
    My family (dh, ds and dd) and I spent last Sunday night in a studio at OKW...booked only 10 days in advance. We were in building 16, which I thought was a fine location for one night, but if I were staying longer I'd prefer to be closer to a pool and bus. Our room really was perfect. I have discovered that I much prefer the 2 story buildings at OKW....they feel so much more like homes than the taller buildings. The entrances are almost private rather than being on a corridor.

    We arrived at OKW at 4pm and there was no line to check in. We then pool hopped over to the WL. Our swim was cut short by a storm that rolled in...but no bother...we had dinner ressies at Whispering Canyon. Dinner was great. Got the all you can eat skillet. The pulled pork is out of this world, and the beans are quite tasty. The salad dressing was very good also. It continued to rain so we went down to visit the VWL (had planned to go to FW). My ds and I played a game of checkers and we just soaked in the atmosphere. The rain then slowed so we hit DTD for a little while before heading back to OKW to sleep.

    In the morning, we headed to the main pool to swim before it was time to check out. We had a lot of ds actually swam a bit on his own for the first time! We found a small tree frog dead in the pool...and helped a cm fish out a rather large toad before it drowned. That's some excitement! Then we cleaned up, checked out and headed to the Maya Grill at Coronado Springs for breakfast. If you haven't had breakfast have to try it! This is the best breakfast on property. Not the hugest selection...but the breakfast burritos are wonderful and they have a couple of other unique items. Lots of very tasty fresh fruit every time....and good pastries too (though we noticed a smaller variety than in the past this time). We then strolled around CS (beautiful resort) and ended our WDW visit at DTD again...Lego playtime, running in the fountain, and ice cream!

    It was a great little visit and it convinced my dh that you really can go to WDW and not go to the parks! The only down side came on Wednesday after we returned home. When I tried to get my pictures off my digital camera they got all messed up and I ended up losing them. I cried! I had some really nice ones :( But we'll be back at WDW I guess I can take some more.
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    Lesley, thanks for taking the time to post a report about your one night stay at OKW. In May we stayed in buidling 64 across the street from building 16 & we enjoyed the proximity to the pool, bus stop, Olivia's, front desk, General Store, etc.

    Sorry about your digital pictures. Glad you wil lbe back soom to take more photos!

    I keep forgetting about Maya Grill for breakfast. We have always enjoyed dinner there. I'll have to put breakfast on the list for a future trip.
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    Aug 18, 1999
    What a great spur of the moment trip. Thanks for sharing!

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