Great Group Of Le Pins Up For Sale


Sep 25, 2000
Hello all, its your peachident here. Now that things have calmed down with work and all, i think my life as a pin trader can get back to normal. Here i am offering a great group of pins up for sale. I think this set will make a great starter set or if your looking for some good traders well i think these will help. As usual i will pay for shipping and of course all these are at cost. So here is the list of pins:

-Goofy manhole cover (le3500)
-Walt w/mickey (le 3500, 1st in series of 12)
-Walt w/steamboat willie (le 3500, 2nd in series of 12)
-Tinkerbell wdw pin of the month (le 5000)
-Dumbo wdw pin of the month (le 5000)
-Tinkerbell lenticular (le 5000)
-Groundhog day (le 3000)
-Daisy 65th b-day (le 3500)
-Donald mexico stamp (le 3500, 1st in series of 11)
-Thumper norway stamp (le 3500, 2nd in series of 11)
-Thanksgiving day (mickey w/pop up turkery, le 7500)
-Walt birthday pin (le 7500, walt with mickey's all over him)

This set will be $138.50, i will accept paypal, money orders or pesonal checks. I know how well some of these pins trade or how hard they are to get, so thats why i am offering them up to my fellow board members, they are just sitting in a box collecting dust. I know cruel and unusal punishment of pins, shame on me. Thats why i would like to give these pins a good home. So if anybody is interested in the set please fell free to email me or if you have any ?'s about the pins you can do the same, thanks for looking,ttfn.


Mr. Peachident


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