Grand Villa at BWV- end of May?


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May 25, 2000
We are having all the kids, respective spouses and buddies (and one grandchild) with us at WDW for May 25th thru 30th. When I made the ressie in September, I tried to get a Grand Villa, but was told they were being refurbished thru the end of May and would not be available. We all really wanted the Boardwalk area, so I reserved a 2 bdr and 2 studios. Anyone heard that maybe those GVs might be finished earlier (at least some of them?) I just know we'll be scattered all over the resort and I'd rather know our rooms will be together. We'll still have fun, I know, but I'd rather we were together.

Plus I know there will be some times when we ARE together and the whole lot of them - 3 kids, 2 spouses, 1 grandson and the college boy's buddy will all be jammed into the 2 bdrm visiting and foraging for snacks.

Anyone heard any news?
While it is a little late in the game to try to switch ressie around. why not call and ask...maybe the rehab is ahead of schedule. You may get lucky. You could also check availability for a GV at OKW..also a long shot, but that way you'd all be together.
Doubtful they would open up the GV's before June. Also, changing now to something else might be difficult. For future reference note that 2 2BR's at BWV cost less points than a GV. All the 2BR's that overlook the boardwalk are clustered over the Big River Grille and the DVC Sales Center. If you make ressies far enough in advance (11 months) and give requests then, it is possible to get two 2BR's there that are next to each other (same for other parts of the resorts when getting 2 2BR's).
Thanks, Drusba. I may call in the morning and check on the 2 2 bdrms idea. I hadn't thought of that.
That sounds like a great time, Mikesmom...

We are also having a big family trip - ours in June into early July. I just called last week to add a studio at OKW for 8 nights, due to additional family coming. I was really surprised that I got the ressie right away.

I guess my point is that you should definitely call and see what is available. You may well be delighted. Also, when we went in Dec., I really wanted a BW view, but our room facing the pool was just fine. So, even if your preferred view is not over the boardwalk itself, you will have a fabulous time anyway, IMHO!

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