Grand Californian Concierge Amenities


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Aug 25, 2000
I wrote a while ago, but response has been limited. I am hoping that since it has been awhile, more people have had the opportunity to try this gorgeous hotel.

So, does anyone know what is included in the concierge lounge? I stayed at the Polynesian, concierge level, in DWorld, and the variety and choice was amazing. I am not expecting so much in Dland, since they don't seem to HAVE to offer so much. At the Polynesian we got breakfast, cookies & milk, wine & appetizers, and cordials and dessert. Is there anything similar at the Grand Californian concierge lounge? Anyone???
Thanks!!!!! :D
I would also like information on GC concierge, including room amenities. Are the rooms any different from the "standard" rooms?
I am also interested in GC Concierge. What floor is it on? What are the views? I am looking for a quieter part of the hotel - not interested in hearing Downtown Disney or DCA all nite. What is the price difference to upgrade from a standard room? Thanks!
Having visited the lounge, I think I can answer a few questions for you. The lounge is the 6th floor, just off of the main lobby (envision the lobby in the WL at WDW, and look down...that is where it would be in the GC). The lounge is quite nice, with wonderful staff. They offer a contienential breakfast (read fruits and danishes), drinks all day, champagne/ wine in the evening with cheese, crackers and the like. The lounge is very comfortable - I believe they had movies for rent from the lounge as well. The cast in the lounge can book reservations for you at the Blue Bayou in advance, the only place that can be done on DL property (well, all lounges actually). Other than that, I don't recall anything all that special about the lounge.

As for the rooms, I can't be much help in that department. However, we did have a theme park view room overlooking Grizzly Peak, and it was awesome!!! We really didn't hear much noise from the park. I'd suggest a theme park view room.

Hope that helps!

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We've stayed on the GCH concierge twice now. Unfortunately I don't visit these discussion boards too often so I apologize ahead of time if you post further questions that I miss.

The concierge aside from the stuff Adam mentioned also offers DVDs that the guests can simply sign out and return when they have viewed them as concierge hotel rooms contain DVD players. I also noticed board games.

I found the breakfast goodies delicious. It is much more than basic continental breakfast offerings. They offered various cereals, muffin tops, fruits, various pastries, teas, coffee, juices, bagels with several different spreads available.

Since it is so close to the theme parks it provided a great place to refresh or charge up the energy before heading into the park.

The concierge balcony has a nice, not spectacular but a nice view of the fireworks. They have plans to pipe the music over eventually, too.



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