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  1. britchic4

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    Jan 25, 2008
    and humble apologies but I can't do a trippie any time soon due to a rather severe work crisis. Here's a little summary and hopefully I can get to a proper trippie later sometime.

    Friday 27th March
    So much nicer on the Eurostar to sit at a table for 4. The time just flew by and there we were being greeted by Chip and Dale. Straight into the park, onto the horse-drawn tram which we'd never been on before. We grabbed a fastpass for Buzz and used our DLH fastpasses for Star Tours, a first for DD (just 4) and she loved it. After Buzz we went to grab a FP for BTM, then rode Phantom Manor, also a first for DD. Not a success - DS hates it but had agreed to go on (presumably since DD wanted to!) so he was with me, and then the ride got stuck for such a long time they even turned the lights on and DD was crying for me in the other car with DH, as she couldn't see me. DS shut his eyes for most of the rest of the ride. Doesn't seem like we'll be doing that again! DD loved BTM though which was also a first for her as she's now just over the magical 1.02 metres. We were tired by this point and the children were excited to see the hotel so we went and checked in at the DLH. It looked gorgeous as there were shiny helium Mickey balloons all over the ceiling in the lobby for M'sMP. Must try to upload a pic of that even if I don't get anything else done. The kids were very impressed with the shop(!) and liked the room particularly as it had balloons in. For Emma's benefit, they were free, as they hadn't been able to give me the room I requested, but since they were 16 normal (round, non helium) balloons tied in 4 lots I'd have been pretty annoyed had I been mad enough to pay 50 euros for them. Perhaps you get different ones if you pay, hope so. Our room had a view of the car park. :sad2:
    We ate at Inventions Friday night and it was a great success as the children love prawns and even tried rollmops (although didn't like them!). Lovely food, and we saw Chip and Dale, Mickey, Minnie, a penguin, Pluto, Goofy and Tigger, most of them twice.

    Saturday 28th March
    A lovely DLH breakfast and we saw Eeyore and Mickey. I was expecting the park to be heaving today, the main press day, but it wasn't bad at all. Even when we didn't get in till 8.30 we walked onto all Fantasyland rides multiple times, and at 10 walked straight onto POTC. BTM called again so we hung out at the Cowboy Cookout for a while in the morning and ate an early lunch by the steamboats - which were both running as were both keel boats. We went over to the Studios in the afternoon and there seemed to be more press events happening here. Most of the front part ended up being roped off as they were doing a soft opening of Stars and Cars and also a press event involving lots of people at some special Animagique event, and Phil Collins singing. I confess although I saw him I didn't actually hang around to see him sing as at the exact moment the parade finished and all the bigwigs gathered the heavens opened and it hailed then poured down sheet rain. Not a good omen if you believe in those kind of things! We were all drenched and had rather lost our enthusiasm by that point so we retired to the DLH and put on dry clothes etc. Dinner in California Grill that night and we got a window seat in the hope there might be some fireworks but there weren't, just a noisy Disney bigwig dinner in the private room at the end. Fascinating watching the chefs prepare it all in a big production line though! Something was going on as the park closed to the public at 8 and there were spotlights on the castle, but we couldn't see anything else. lovely food for all 4 of us.

    Sunday 29th March
    Sunday was much busier, and we were tired so didn't get in the park very early. If was the first time the kids had shared a bed and DD turned out to be rather like a Catherine Wheel in bed so DS had requested a little bed made up on the floor for him, which was a nice little pile of eiderdowns. I was rather surprised when I heard him whimpering and calling for me at 5 am and could only see his feet sticking out - the rest of him had somehow wriggled under the bed in his sleep. Not so easy to go back to sleep after being pulled out from under a double bed. Didn't get on too many rides this day but we felt we'd already done more than we'd expected so we weren't bothered. The afternoon was spent hanging out with the pirates, the kids love that play area. Even the Swiss Family Robinson and the Nautilus had a big queue today. We eventually got home after midnight and feel rather deflated now but had a wonderful weekend.
  2. Belle's World

    Belle's World DIS Veteran

    Nov 30, 2008
    Sounds like you had a great time, shame about PM but i'm sure as the children get older they will learn to love it. The Disneyland Hotel is so special even with a view of the car park!

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  4. thelittlemermaid83

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    Aug 14, 2007
    Glad you got some balloons Cathy for free, The balloons they wanted to sell me where the park ones, well just one of them for 50euros :lmao:

    glad you had a great trip, hope we get to see some pictures :)
  5. cap'njack.

    cap'njack. Totally in love with Lisa_C

    Jun 13, 2008
    Sounds like you had a great time!
  6. funnymum

    funnymum Earning My Ears

    Nov 10, 2008
    Sounds like you had a great time, even if it was knackering!

    We are also going to the DLH in June for our first ever DLRP trip.

    Was the Californian Grill suitable for a 4 year old, I have a 4 and 7 year old and worry it might be to grown up/formal, we have purchased Half Board Premium though so would it be a shame not to eat here?

    Also what room had you requested? I might try and request a room with a nice view but dont know exactly what room to ask for?!

    Dont worry if you dont have time to reply with your "work crisis" going on.

    Thanks funnymum
  7. britchic4

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    Jan 25, 2008
    Am currently making work crisis worse by avoiding it!
    I too have a 4 and 7 yr old and they were fine. They are used to being in restaurants every so often. They get given pencils and can draw etc on the childrens menu. Our food came quite quickly. Kids' starters were veg soup with Mickey croutons, and ours had the vegetable sticks with fromage frais dips. Can't remember all the mains - chicken nuggets (presumably nice ones!), linguini bolognaise (which ours had, very nice), chicken breast and some others. They preferred Inventions, which obviously has characters and more choice being a buffet, but were fine in both. Ask for a window table, you can see the castle in both restaurants. The Premium vouchers are excellent value in both, and also in Buffalo Bill and Auberge if you have a princess-lover. This is the first time we haven't been to the 'Princess Cafe' as my daughter calls it, she loves it so much.
  8. scampbunny

    scampbunny <font color=darkorchid>The most fab of surprises!<

    Mar 5, 2008
    sounds like u had a great time, but sorry to hear bout the work crisis.....
    cant wait for sum pics if u have the time (lol@ avoiding the crisis atm - dont blame u!)
  9. Rachie B

    Rachie B DIS Veteran

    Mar 11, 2007
    oh bless your son under the bed,that did make me giggle ! :lovestruc

    sounds like a good but tiring wkend !

  10. britchic4

    britchic4 <font color=green>There's often a piano player in

    Jan 25, 2008
    I worried for ages he'd been traumatised by waking up stuck under there but he seemed fine! Just another day in the life of a 7 yr old I guess.....
  11. jillrobinson

    jillrobinson DIS Veteran

    Mar 30, 2005
    Glad you got your balloons :thumbsup2
    Sounds like you all enjoyed your DLH stay and your trip wasn't too disrupted by the press. :)
  12. A Small World

    A Small World <img src=

    Feb 22, 2007
    welcome back- glad you had a great time
  13. Cyrano

    Cyrano DIS Veteran

    Oct 23, 2004
    Sounds like you had a great time :goodvibes

    It is always interesting to hear what rides affect children. I had always thought that Big Thunder Mountain would be scarier than Phantom Manor :)
  14. hildasmuriel

    hildasmuriel <font color=magenta>I'm a really really scaredy sc

    Jan 23, 2007
    Sounds like a great weekend. :thumbsup2

    Your children obviously don't mind the fast motion rides - going on BTM and Star Tours.
    Your children: :cool2: Me: :sick::sad2:
  15. angel girl

    angel girl It's a small world after all...

    Jul 9, 2008

    Glad you had a lovely weekend, hope the work crisis gets sorted out quickly.
  16. Ware Bears

    Ware Bears Bring me that horizon Moderator

    Jan 23, 2003
    Welcome back, glad you had a great time! :goodvibes

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