Got $58,000 laying around?


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Apr 6, 2000
Wow, somebody is selling 1000 OKW points. I guess short on points wouldn't be much of a problem.
Saw that could spent JAN, FEB and the first two weeks in March in a studio at OKW and still have 48 points left over:D
How many points would it take to stay year round? What a retirement that would be!
According to our trusty point calculator 5,154 for a Studio at OKW for the whole year 2002. Anybody have some points I could borrow? HA! Erin
That's been up there for quite some time, guess not too many people indeed have $58K laying around!!! LOL

I'm guessing a "business" would probably buy that - my oh my what a perk that would be if you worked for that company! Plus I'm sure it would be a write off!

C'mon what are they waiting for!!
Vacationman, they won't let us stay year-round. :( It's in the paperwork that DVC can't be our permanent residence.

That is probably a corporation although there are some people who own the maximum number of points allowable. A guide told us several years ago that there were a few Arabs who would bring their entire families (several wives, children, staff, etc.) on vacation and take several villas.
I guess it's a good thing they won't let folks stay year round then-- there wouldn't be room for the rest of us "peons"!!
I remember someone once telling me that the reason for the 2000 point maximum at OKW was that it would take that many points to stay in a studio for 1 day shy of 6 months. So it would not be possible to own enough points in order to attain Florida resident status. I know that there are ways around the 2000 point limit. If you are married, your spouse can also own 2000 points. You can also each own 2000 points at every DVC resort. So I suppose that a married couple could own 24,000 points between them (once BCV open). Yikes. Imagine the dues on that many points.

And the sad thing is that 24,000 points might not be enough for those of us who are truly mad about the mouse. :)
LOL, My dream has always been to retire with enough points to spend Jan. and Feb. at WDW!:D
I think I'll play the lotto tomorrow night!! :D
I could be mistaken, but I believe the statement that you could buy 2000 points at every resort is wrong.

I think I remember hearing or reading that the limit was 2000 at any single DVC resort or 5000 total points.
Just imagine the maintenance fees on that amount of points lol !
If my property and school taxes was'nt $6800.00 a year, I would buy it myself.

I believe Rich is right. The maximum total number of points is 5000.

Everyone needs a goal.:cool:
The 1000 point package doesn't seem far-fetched to me, and it's a good price! I'm a single person who lives in FL, and I have 900 points....and will probably add 100 at BCV. The only difference is, I never had the cash to buy the points all at the same I did it in smaller pieces, not willing to finance any of them. I've got another single friend who currently is at 925, and expects to add at least 100 at, there are non-corporations (ordinary people) who do it, lol!
I think the moral of the story is to buy points in more reasonable sized chunks that could more easily sell in pieces instead of one large purchase, to help facilitate resale if it becomes necessary.
DH has always joked/dreamed about retiring to DVC. We thought we could work at the park to subsidize our pensions. Alas, now w/ lay-offs, we might not be able to be part-time characters in the park. Me=Cruella de Vil & DH=Gepetto:)
Recently with another post about purchasing large amounts of points, adding anything more then 150 points per purchase may become somewhat complicated for a fast liquidation ( at reasonable resale price ) if you needed to sell all contracts due to an emergency. Just a "thought" to keep in mind ( Keep learning things all the time from this forum ).


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