Goodie Bag ideas please


Oct 21, 1999
I want to start making goodie bags for my kids (and my husband haha) for our trip. The problem is I only have 17 days left EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKK! Anyway, any ideas are appreciated. I know favorite candy, a comic book, etc. My boys are 14,12, and 6 (hubby is 37 LOL)They aren't really into posable figures anymore and are a lot harder to shop for as they have gotten older. I think that is why Ihave put off the goodie bags this year.

Anyway, thanks

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I'm glad my kids are younger, and a little easier to buy for still.

Here goes:
disposable cameras or film for their cameras
mickey themed candy (everyone likes candy)
new baseball hats
new sunglasses or sunglass string
disney dollars
game boy games for the trip
CD for the trip

Disney IS a Life Skill!
How about a blank book of some kind with a pen for a trip journal. Maybe a book of crossword or word search puzzles. Travel games or decks of cards. I just got a great Survivor Card Game and my DS just got a Harry Potter Card Game. Both are fun. Also, I would just browse around the dollar store, drugstore, novelty store, etc. to see what catches your eye.

Tape players with headsets, new tapes, lots of batteries, books on tape.

I just bought a bunch of Hot Wheels cars at the local Wal-Mart for only 34¢ each. =0)


The day before Easter I was at our Disney Store & they had the 2000 Disney coins at 75% off. They rang up at $.99! I got one for each of the kids - just something to look at & keep in their pockets.

Small bags of Chex mix.

M&M tubes that have been emptied & the filled with shiny pennies & quarters for the pressed penny machines!

I am also working on a SMALL booklet filled with info I've been gathering about each of the parks - stuff like hidden Mickeys, hidden/secret attractions, etc. I'm going to print them out half-sized & then use the "binder thing" at work. It makes a series of small holes & then you hold the thing together with a spiral piece of plastic. I have no idea what it's really called! Anyway, I'm going to cut the whole thing in half - and have one for each park. No one but me has read any of the stuff I've collected.

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Thanks for the ideas guys! I am going shopping today :)


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Wal-Mart has the little battery operated fans for 97 cents and they have a back pack clip, pretty good for individual cooling.

Squoosh (sp) balls or small nerf football for the pools.

Glow in the dark sticks on a rope.

Travel games (magna doodle etc.)

As another poster said everybody loves candy.

Pooh Fruit snacks

I just finished putting together three bags but mine are for 14 yo girls. Hope some of these suggestions help.

Have a great time!


26 days and counting!!
Hey Poohlover,

It is nice to see a fellow southerner :)

Thanks to everyone for all the tips

i read on an olllllllld post about Quarters and Pennies in a M&M mini's container for the smashing penny machines. I thought this was cool. Also disney dollars.

any more suggestions?


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How about fannie packs "Being" the goodie bags? Here's what I put in my DD (then 7):

Tigger Fannie Pack (Walmart $6.99)
Fat Tigger Pen (Disney Store $3.59)
Autograph book
Chapstick on a necklace
Small tube sunscreen
Sugar Free gum
Asst snacks

Hi all!!

I have gathered for each child:

personal fans($1.98 WalMart)
roll of quarters and pennies each
Disney dollars
Glow stick(Dollar Store)
Travel Checkers and Tic-Tac-Toe(Disney Store)
Big Mickey Lollipop(Dollar Store)
Mickey Notebook(Dollar Store)
Swim Goggles(Walmart)
Fat Pen on string(Dollar Store)
Coloring Book and Crayons
Disposable Camera
Portable CD Players
LOTS of AA batteries
Fannypacks with water bottles on them
Ponchoes(2 for 1 at Dollar Store)

Then from Gifts of A Lifetime I ordered:
Autograph books
Penny Holder Books
Guest of Honor Badges

I have been picking this up slowly for our trip in June, otherwise, we would be bombarded with a VERY expensive WalMart trip just prior to our departure!!:eek:
Got o your local party supply store (like party city). They will have stickers, sticker books and other Disney stuff. (cnady and pencils, etc)

I have found great stuff at the Dollar Store also. (reading books, puzzle books, pvc figures, canteens, keychains and more)

Check the clearance aisles at WalMart, Kmart etc.

Toys R Us. PVC figures for only $1.00 each.

I am assuming the goody bags are like the bags you pass out at kids parties? be sure they're Disney themed--can get them at the party store too.

I have a post a few posts down on tips to make the trip extra special. Lots of ideas there.
A Few Words of Caution:

Noticed mention of using the mini M & M containers to hold coins for the penny presses. For my DGS I used empty film canisters (later we marked the tops to know the pennies from the quarters) but I carried them in my purse through airport security. My purse was searched after going throught the belt scanner because of the shape and I suppose the density. They said they see a lot of it but I would pull them out and hand them over next time rather than have someone rummaging through my purse.



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