Good rates for November?


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Jun 4, 2000
Can anyone give me some info - my husband and I are returning to Disney this November and we are looking for the best rate. We have a DC, AAA and an annual pass. . . has anyone got any good rates for the first two weeks of this month with any of these? Let me know - it would be interesting to see!
We're booked for 11/10-11/17 at PO. Cost $2004.00
(no discount available) so your $917 looks okay. We booked in the middle of January and were told there were no DC or AAA room discounts left at moderates. We'll keep trying to see if something opens up.
I think your rate sounds good - I booked us at Port Orleans Riverside 11/10 - 11/17 for $955.06 (including tax, insurance and Wide World of Sports passes) using DC.

I booked this back in October 2000. If I had known better I would have had them take off the insurance - oh well! :-)

Port Orleans Riverside - November 2001
You should most definitely contact the Disney Club directly, not Disney (unless that is what you did) Since you already have the room booked, you should be able to get the discount. Try it and find out - that would save a phenomenal 50% off what you are paying now. Let me know how you make out!

Hi guys,

While I hope against hope there will be some big AP discounts or upsells in Nov, historically there have been none. I have booked a room at the Dolphin with the AP rate. A room with a balcony is slightly under $200 per night including tax. That is a good deal. A standard room is even less than that, and only slightly more than the moderate prices.

With these prices, why stay at the moderats when you can have the location of the Dolphin?


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