Good Neighbor/Dis Springs Resorts Transportation

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    Hope this is the right forum

    how is the shuttle transportation from the dis springs resorts to the parks? I'll be at a conference while the family visits the parks and trying to figure out the best way to get them there. I was figuring just uber, but if the shuttle bus is reliable, frequent, and not insanely crowded, I would use that.

    Any experiences? Where do they drop you off, esp at MK?

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    I'll move this to the Orlando Hotels board, where the Disney Springs hotels are discussed. :)
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    Where are you actually staying because your title is describing two completely different places to stay ...

    Good Neighbor/Dis Springs Resorts Transportation

    Disney Springs hotels are NOT Good Neighbor Hotels. The Disney Springs has the second best shuttle/transportation after the actual Disney bus system. If you are staying there I wouldn't worry about it and there is a sticky at top of forum with great details.

    If you are staying at a Good Neighbor Hotel, they are not connected and each offer their own shuttle which can be few and far between and some cost money. You will need to check with the hotel.
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