Good/cheap eats outside of WDW?


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Sep 7, 2000
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Hi all! We are going in less than a month and would really like to know if there are any restaraunts near WDW that are fairly cheap and have descent food. Places like Ihop, Bob Evan's, Denny's, etc?
We've been to WDW numerous times, but we've always eaten on site. This trip I'm budgeting $800 for 8 days, but would really like to save as much as possible on food. We rarely eat the snacks that I pack. (I wish I could get the others to eat them and save on breakfast, but I know that won't work) We are staying at the ASMu most of the time. The food courts work somewhat for us. But after a few days we get tired of the food and "paper plates." I would much rather spend $25 for breakfast/lunch and not eat until supper. (for 3 people)

We've never been to LBV area and don't know how to get there. I've heard there are some restaraunts there. Is that true? What do they have? Anything close on I-4?
On the main road running e/w ?192 below Disney there are several rest's just west of Disney. We stayed at Hampton Inn Maingate West (exc continental breakfast) and ate at Bob Evans there. On International Drive there is at least one Ponderosa. Look for coupons in the tourism books-even the ones right inside the front door.
On 192 E (about 7 to 8 miles) down by Walmart is Steak N Shake-one of my favorite vacation stops. (S n S doesnt take credit cards though).


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The Crossroads, in Lake Buena Vista, at I-4 and Hwy. 535, has several moderate eating places. And it is just down the street from Downtown Disney. We have found the Perkins Pancake place has decent food at reasonable prices. I'm sure the same can be said for several other places at Crossroads. :rolleyes:
Crossroads has T.G.I.F., Red Lobster, Jungle Jims, I think there's an Uno's Pizza, I can't remember what else.

I know there's an IHOP close and also a Sizzler.

I hope that helps!

If you like seafood, check out Boston Lobster Feast. DH & I went there last year & it was good.
Nothing overly fancy, just an all you can eat seafood buffet with soups, salads, etc. Lots of selection!

If you go early (I can't remember if it was before 5 or before 6) you can get the early bird price; I think it was $21.95 all you can eat. It's a great price for a substantial meal!
Thank you so much. These were just the places I was looking for. I'm printing the page as I type. thanks again.
Go to
click on street maps
enter Lake buena vista FL
zoom in to your area of interst
then click on the restarant locator feature below the map. All the restrarants will be shown. Click on the icon to find out what one it is.

A great feature.

There are numerous restaurants in the LBV area that are reasonable. There is Denney's,
Shoneys, Perkins, Olive Garden, Sizzler, Jungle Jims, Pebbles, Bennigans, Red Lobster, Ponersosa, IHOP & numerous Pizza restaunts in close proximity to one another in the Lake Buena Vista area. There is also Subway, McDonalds and several other fast food chains in the area. Our stategy is to eat a big breakfast and eat a large meal in late afternoon. You may want to also use your Disney Club card for discounts at Planet Hollywood & the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney. We try to hit these places before the dinner rush when the crowds arrive and the prices go up. Good luck with your planning.

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Coupons! Coupons! Coupons!

There are coupons galore all over the area. Pick up a few booklets and ponder the pages. There are many a discount to be found. Also, maybe look into buying the Entertainment book for the area. You can recoup the cost in just 2 meals. I'm not sure what all is included in the Orlando one, but our local one is loaded with local as well as most national chain brands. Find out how to get to 192. Just about every restaurant concept you can imagine is located on that stretch. Traffic can be tricky, especially in the construction zones, but its worth if you are trying to maximize a limited budget.

BTW - Steak and Shake is also one of our vacation fav's. I keep hoping and hoping they expand here. Maybe when I make my millions... :D

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