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Mar 27, 2001
I have some questions about the golf courses at Disney and am hoping that some of you can help me out. I am a DVC member but am looking for information for my father who is not a member. How does the golf thing work? Can you set up tee-times without being a member of the golf program? Can he become a member of the golf program if his name is not on the membership? If you are a member of the golf program do the discounts work in Hilton Head and Vero Beach. And if you could fill me in on the rates, with and without the program. thanks in advance for any info.
I just pulled the current rates off the official WDW web site. The rates only go through April 28. I know they are less in the off season.

If you are a member of the DVC golf club ($ 85) the high season rates are $95 and off season $35. You have to show your DVC membership card to join. If you join you can bring up to 3 people with you at the same rate.

Here are the normal rates.

The following rates are effective January 11 - April 28, 2002
(Tax Not Included)*

Guest Day

Osprey Ridge $170 $175 $80
Eagle Pines $145 $150 $70
Magnolia $135 $140 $65
Palm $125 $130 $60
Lake Buena Vista $125 $130 $60

Guest Replay
Adult $38 $19
Junior (17 & under) $20 $10

thanks for the info. Now my next question is: can i pay the membership fee which allows 3 guests but not be a participant in the golfing?
Jan to Feb at WDW regular rates are $125 to $170 per round depending on course. The DVC golf card costs about $91 with tax and is good for a year. Only the member can get that card and he can go and bring 3 guests who will also get the discounted rate of $95 a round. The member must be there as he is the only one who can use the DVC golf card. In other words you must be there and pay $95 for your round for any guest to have the same privilege. The discount can be used for rounds only after 10 a.m.

From end of April through Sep, the discount rate is $35 per round and same rules apply. Note, at that time of the year the regular rate after 10 a.m. for a round is only from $45 to $60 and thus the percentage of discount can actually be lower than during peak season. Oct to Jan the discount rate for rounds after 10 has been $50, while regular rates after 10 at that time were $70 to $110.

Because of the $91 cost for the DVC golf card, you need to have enough rounds in a year's time so that you get a true discount, e.g., if you only play one round per year, getting the DVC golf card is useless because the discount for the round does not make up for the cost of the card.

As to HH and VB, there are designated courses at which a DVC member can get a discount (usually in the 10% to 15% range depending on course). For those, you do not need to buy any discount card; they are just straight discounts. But the discounts are only available to the member (and for some courses guests that the member brings with him).
Can I pay the membership fee which allows 3 guests but not participate in the golfing?

I'm not sure about that but you can call 407-WDW-GOLF and I'm sure they can answer that question. ( My guess would be no. ):cool:
Can you set up tee-times without being a member of the golf program?

Anyone can get tee-times, within the following timeframes:

Resort Guest - 90 days in advance
Others - 30 days in advance

A credit card is required to hold the tee-time.
I was wondering the same thing as the lioness as my mom holds the card but it is my brother & husband who will be the golfers. She hasn't golfed in years and they are both exceptional players which would be interesting to say the least!
Here's another golfing question: Are the discounts for DVC members at Hilton Head also applicable to "DVC Guests"? We are staying at Disney's Hilton Head Resort in May, but we are not DVC members. I know some of the restaurant discounts apply to anyone staying there (members & guests); how about the golf?

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