Golf Cart Ent? What is it?

Lisa P.

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Aug 27, 1999
Been away from these boards for a while and after reading a few old posts, I see mention of "Golf Cart Ent." What is that, a rental company? What are the advantages to using them? Any other info to share, please?

We haven't owned a pop-up for several years but we're seriously thinking of buying another in the next year. This info would come in handy! Thanks! :)


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Feb 6, 2000
Is a company off Disney property that rents, and delivers carts to FW guest. it is less exspencive, and the cart is waiting for you upon arrival. We rented for ten days in Dec., and the cost was $257. It would have been about $380 if we rented from FW.
Good luck!

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Aug 17, 1999

We rented from them the first week of December. It was $200 (including delivery and pickup) for the week. It would have been around $275 from Fort Wilderness.

We liked that they gave us a gas cart too - instead of electric. It was faster! It also had a windshield. You have to pay $5/more per day for a windshield with the FW rentals. It came with a full tank of gas and we drove it A LOT during the week and still had 1/2 tank full when we left!

Here's a link to their site!

- Rhonda :-)
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