Going to Disney in June 2002 - Need Budget Planning Advice


Earning My Ears
Jan 30, 2001
I am planning a trip to Disney in June 2002. I want to share the Disney experience with my then
almost 7 year old niece and 3 year old nephew. Actually he will be one month short of 3 years old so he will be able to get in free as I understand it. Anyway, we are planning to stay off site at the Embassy Resort - about 1 mile from the MK gates. I decided on this because I have a timeshare in Myrtle Beach and figured that we could just exchange weeks and not have to worry about the lodging charges. I guess my concerns are what to do next? I know there are character meals that we will want to book. Can anyone give any advice and has anyone stayed at the Embassy? RCI gives it a glowing report - it is nice and roomy - we will have three bedrooms and three baths and that will be nice considering we might have as many as 7 traveling with our party. I would appreciate any tips you could give me that would save money. We are thinking about the parkhopper passes because they do not expire. Thanks in advance for your help :) :)
It's nice to know someone else out there is doing some "early" planning (we're going in either Feb. or March 2002). Sorry I can't help you out with info on the Embassy Resort but I'm sure you'll find something about it on this site, maybe try the Orlando hotel board. I agree with you on the Hopper passes, they are the best deal for us. You just have to decide how many days and whether you want the "plus" or not (water parks, Pleasure Island etc.) They have all the Pass information on this site also. Just snoop around the site a little bit and you'll be surprised at how much you learn :eek: Good luck to you :)
Believe me I always make my plans atleast one year in advance!! My husband thanks I am crazy but he does not realize all of the planning that is involved with a trip like this. He just gets in the car or on the plane and it all falls into place. I highly suggest the hopper passes the last trip that we took as a family my husband got the flu while we were there and missed have of the days in the parks. So I went back with my sisters in July 2000 and used the rest of his days.

Also, the character breakfast at the Artist Point and the Wilderness Lodge is great!! Winnie, Tigger and Eyore. And also the breakfast at Cinderellas castle **** I give it four stars. Your niece will love it!! I am planning our next trip for November . My in-laws have never been so we are all excited!! Hope you have a great time planning!! I always feel that it makes the trip even more special for the one who plans it!!

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