Going to Comfort Inn LBV - what's around there?

Discussion in 'Orlando Hotels and Attractions' started by floridacrazy, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. floridacrazy

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    May 7, 2006
    Since I will be leaving in 19 days, I need some advice pretty soon. I am trying to budget everything. We have to stick to a tight food budget, etc. if we want to do the parks and buy my nephew some toys, which at Disney is a must. I am not too thrilled with my selection of hotels, but it could be worse. From what I gather on this site it's a clean and decent hotel.

    I have a trip planned for July for 2 adults & 1 6-year old for 14 days. I really wanted to stay onsite, but it's just too much for us. Even a value hotel at $99.00 plus tax - $110.38 a day cuts down everything else we want to do.

    I found a great rate of $49.00 a night with the Magic Card for Comfort Inn Lake Buena Vista and there's a refrigerator and microwave in the room - this really helps cut down the cost of food. The only problem I really have is that I don't drive. I did some research on line, and I found that there is a Winn Dixie not far -- about $4.00 plus tip for a cab each way -- not bad so I can do a food shopping. We plan on taking sandwiches to the parks and eat breakfast in the room since most posters on this say that the free continental breakfast that Comfort Inn offers is stale cereal and hard waffles.

    I would like to know if anyone has stayed there recently and if they ate there for dinner and had the buffet. How was it? How much did it cost? On Comfort Inn's website it says that kids "eat free" with 2 full-paying adults. The Magic Card also gives 15% off the entire bill at Comfort Inn, so that wouldn't be a bad price for me for a dinner -- but not if it stinks.

    I am getting a bit nervous because last night I read something on Tripadviser that a person said that they wouldn't recommend this hotel to their worse enemy. Is it really bad? Is it really falling apart and with spider's webs on the lamps?

    I purchased 10 day MYW tickets with the waterpark option. Has anyone used the shuttles at Comfort Inn LBV? How are they? Do they go a few times in the morning and have a few pick up dates? How much would a cab cost from Downtown Disney to 8442 Palm Parkway where Comfort Inn is?

    I would really like to go to the park as late as I can since we can't take a break in the afternoonand stay until they close - or the last pickup, but I do want to see the fireworks at Epcot and MK so I will need to take a cab back to the hotel on those nights.

    I read a posting by someone else on this site who is going to be staying at the same hotel, that from Epcot to the Comfort Inn a cab would cost about $11.00 - not including tip. Would it be cheaper from Downtown Disney to get a cab back to Palm Parkway and would it be easy for me to get from any of the theme parks to Downtown Disney - even late at night?

    Since I got the waterpark option, how can I get from Palm Parkway to the water parks. I checked on the Mears Transportation website and a cab from Typhoon Lagoon would be about $9.00 - not including tip. I would do that going back to the hotel in the afternoon or evening, but I don't want to take a cab to get there.

    What is the best way for me to get to the waterparks? Comfort Inn doesn't offer shuttles to the waterparks. They claim they have shuttles to all 4 theme parks, but I doubt that. What park should I go to in order to go to Typhoon Lagoon? Which park should I go to in order to go to Blizzard Beach?

    How do I get to the waterparks, what is the easiest way? Can I get a bus from DTD to go to the waterparks? Please help.

    Thank you for any advice you can give. It looks like I'll be spending my entire trip on buses.
  2. NancyIL

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    Aug 19, 1999
    I stayed there for 2 nights in 1999 before moving to All Star Movies. At the time, my standard room was pretty "dreary" - but I believe the rooms have been renovated since then.

    How are you getting to WDW? Can the other adult in your party drive a rental car? I am all for staying offsite if that's what it takes to afford WDW, but not without a car for 2 weeks! I would hate to have to be dependent on Comfort Inn's transportation and taxis. It is just too hot in the summer to be able to stay at the parks without a mid-day break.
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  4. courage

    courage Mouseketeer

    Jun 3, 2003
    you can catch a bus to Downtown Disney and then to the waterparks but you have to get there from the ticket center or from another park. But I am afraid you are right - waiting for buses in this Florida heat is not what I call a vacation. (really hot today - you sweat standing still) However, disney transportation is pretty fast the comfort Inn's transportation may be slow - find out if they have a van or do you have to catch a bus that goes to other hotels.

    There are a few shopping centers close to you. The Goodings looks great but the prices are really high - tourist trap.
    The comfort Inn is not a fancy resort - very basic, but not gross or anything like that. Believe me, I am picky....I don't stay in most chains- EVER.
  5. Muziqal

    Muziqal Mouseketeer

    Mar 7, 2004
    Yep, it is. Pretty standard, pretty clean. Nothing spectacular, but decent enough.

    My Mom was just there last month. Last time I was there was in May 2004. Never ate dinner there. Had the cont. breakfast and did the buffet in the morning. Typical chain hotel quality. Again...nothing spectacular but edible. Cont. breakfast is quite good for a hotel like this. All I need is a banana, a muffin and a coffee in the morning anyway.

    Different strokes for different folks. I don't mind it and will probably always go back there for the same reason you are considering it - affordability and proximity. Honestly, for the amount of time I spend in my room, this hotel will be more than adequate (especially if I'm going for more bang for my buck). But, like I said...different strokes. Sometimes a spot on the carpet makes or breaks a trip for some people. I'd think about your own expectations before you take the plunge. What do you expect for $49 a night? It's not close to being condemned...but it's not a 4 star hotel either. Expect little and you might be surprised.

    Used the shuttle system, yes. It was quite good for an off-site hotel. They do pick up a few times in the morning and drop off a few times each evening to all 4 theme parks (not just the TTC...they do drop you off at each park gate). They also go to Universal and Seaworld (one route, 2 stops). From Downtown Disney, it will cost anywhere from $6 - $10 by cab depending on whether you tell your driver to turn on his meter. By meter, it should be around $6. If you take the $10 flat fare quote from the driver, that's up to you. My suggestion is to call the hotel directly and ask them for their shuttle schedule. They can fax it to you and you can see the times for pick up and drop off yourself. This is not posted on their website.

    We did this too last time. Stayed LATE and took Disney bus to DTD. Took the cab back to the hotel. A few times, even took the 20 min walk from Downtown Disney to the Comfort Inn. Not recommended by my Mother though, who said a few weeks ago that I was crazy for doing this when she attempted it! Too long a walk for her after a day at the parks.

    Cheapest way = Take the hotel shuttle to any theme park. Take Disney shuttle/monorail to closest resort. Take Disney shuttle to waterpark of choice. Typhoon is closest to MGM & Epcot resort area. Blizzard is closest to the Animal Kingdom, Allstars and Animal Kingdom lodge. I would ask some of the people on the transportation board for their expertise. They could tell you the least time consuming routes using this method (Theme Park to resort to water park). Plus, seeing some of the resorts is well worth the side trips - I find them to be attractions in themselves. If it were me though...for Typhoon - I'd take hotel shuttle to Epcot, walk to Boardwalk/Yacht/Beach and take shuttle to Typhoon. Blizzard - take hotel shuttle to Animal Kingdom, Animal Kingdom to Animal Kingdom Lodge and then shuttle to Blizzard. That's just me though.

    Yes, the bus system is kinda crazy - but the place is huge (twice the size of manhattan) and I find it has better service than here in my city of a million people!! What do my taxes go towards exactly!? But again, enjoy the sights and the different resorts. Sure, taking the bus kinda sucks sometimes...but if you get to do everything you want to do because you're saving money by taking the buses, then I think it's well worth it.

    Hope the trip goes well! Honestly...whether you stay on or off-site without a car, you're gonna be spending some time on all the forms of Disney transportation. Fact of a WDW vacation.

    My suggestion for a mode of transp. to Comfort inn from the airport is to rent a car for 1 night. Ends up being cheaper than going Mears both ways for each person in your party. Or even a town car service that does a grocery stop. But renting the car for the day from National and then dropping off at the Swan Dolphin the morning and then off to the parks on Disney buses, allows you to hit the grocery store that night (at your leisure) and do whatever you want for the first night. Maybe even take a drive around the whole world to really get an idea of how big it is. I will always do this to and from the airport as well...but I am quite familiar with the area after living there for a year. So, again, might not be for everyone. If budgeting is in mind, I'd definitely check out this option. And just reverse it for back to the airport. pick up the car from the Swan/Dolphin the day before you leave and drop yourselves off at the airport. I like that...but you may not. Hope this helps.
  6. Jason71

    Jason71 Brother to pirates and corsairs...

    Jul 30, 2001
    Re: stores. The Winn Dixie is not bad, and it is very close--in cooler weather I would suggest you could even walk there.

    If you just need a couple things mid-trip, there is also a 7-11 across 535 at Palm Parkway and a very small no-name "grocery store" in the shopping center across the street from the motel between Kobe Steakhouse and Hooters. Both are in walking distance (as long as it is not mid-day heat!).
  7. lovingthemouse

    lovingthemouse magic is in the heart of the beholder...

    Dec 28, 1999

    Our timeshare is directly across the street from your hotel, so we are familiar with this area.

    As you go out the front exit - to your left are two more hotels - in between them and you are a shopping center with some restaurants - Chinese, steakhouse, pizza, seafood. Continue left to the corner of Palm Parkway and Highway 535 and you will find an Olive Garden, Black Angus Beef steakhouse, Burger King, and eventually the Crossroads -has some shops, food store (forget Goodings, very expensive) McDonald's, Uno's, Perkins, TGIFridays etc...

    If you went across the street at the corner of Palm Parkway, you would find Sheraton Safari Hotel with a small Pizza Hut next to it, and some other small souvenir shops. Further down the road is the WinnDixie, where we often shop, and some other smaller shopping centers.

    If you cross over Highway 535 you will find a Dunkin Donuts, 7-11, many souvenir shops etc..., Sizzler Restaurant, Chilis, a Walgreen's Pharmacy, Shoney's Restaurant etc...

    I am sorry I can't address your bus shuttle questions, as we always have a rental car, but the hotel is large and I know they have frequent bus shuttles.

    As for the frig in your room - it is small! You will not get a lot of food in it, might I suggest getting a styrofoam chest, placing non-perishable foods in it as well as drinks. The ice machine is on each floor (I believe) and it is easy to refill it when you get back to the room. You can always leave the styrofoam chest behind when you leave- they are not expensive!

    We were at this hotel in FEb and their continental breakfast was not as you described - they did keep replenishing the food items. I prefer the bigger breakfast, so i would have purchased mine, but we did have theirs to save some money!

    Hope this has helped you some. :thumbsup2
  8. Nite0wl71

    Nite0wl71 DIS Veteran

    May 4, 2005
    We stayed there in April and took the shuttles to the parks. We always got on the first one at 8 am just be at the stop about 20 minutes or so before. The always have shuttles coming back after the parks close, its about 30-40 minutes after.

    We took a cab from MGM because we didn't want to wait for the shuttle and it was about $10.00 with tip. We also took one from Sea World that one was about $15 but we left at around 4:30 and hit traffic.

    The hotel was nice enough and we actually walked to DTD, it took about 35 minutes of course we had 2 13 yo with us and they walked very slow behind us :rotfl:

    We never ate dinner there we always were at the parks, we did eat breakfast everyday, always the free continental one.

    We paid $340 total for 7 nights the week before Easter and you are right the fridge and microwave come in handy.

    Here's the link to the shuttles.


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