Give me a list of the people you tip

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by JadeTiger, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. JadeTiger

    JadeTiger Earning My Ears

    Sep 15, 2003

    I would like to know who you tip from the beginning of your stay, throughout the resort, until the end.

    Please start your list of people from the time you get off the plane, until you get back on the plane.

    I am clueless, so please be thorough, and list how you arrive at the tip you give to each person.

    I will look forward to your reply.

  2. jel0511

    jel0511 DIS Veteran

    Jan 30, 2001
    You did forget, that there could be tips before you get on the plane as well... Here is a list of people we tip:

    Driver from off-site parking lot: $1 - $2 per bag
    SkyCap for curbside check-in: $1 - 2 per bag
    SkyCap at luggage carrossel: $1 - $2 per bag
    note: We don't use this service, usually rent a luggage cart
    for $3
    Valet at hotel: $2 each time we either drop off/pick up
    Bellman who takes luggage from car: $1 - $2 per bag
    Bellman who delivers luggage: $1 - $2 per bag
    Maid: Usually $1 - $2 per day per person, also $1 per day per person for turndown service
    All servers: 15% - 20% of check depending on service
    Bellman who takes luggage from room: $1 - $2 per bag
    Bellman who loads luggage into car if different: $1 - $2 per bag
    SkyCap for Curbside check-in: $1 - $2 per bag
    Driver to off-site parking lot: $1 - $2 per bag

    I can't think of anything else, so if I forgot someone, I don't not tip them, I just forgot!!!
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  4. heffalump9

    heffalump9 DIS Veteran

    Feb 15, 2003
    These are the people we feel deserve tips for their excellent service.

    Sky-cap ($2.00 per bag)
    Limo or Towncar Driver ($5.00 each way)
    Porte Cochere Attendent ($1-$2)
    Bellhop ($2.00 per bag)
    Waiters, Bartenders (15% to 20% of total check)
    Mousekeeping ($2.00 per day)
  5. ead79

    ead79 <font color=#FF0066>Disney Bride!<br><font color=v

    Jan 21, 2000
    I don't fly to WDW, so I can't help with those. Here's my list:

    valet: $2 per getting of car

    bellman: usually about $1-2 per bag

    mousekeeping: $5 per day

    waiters/waitresses: 20% (and a little more if it's GREAT service)

    I think that's it. :)
  6. DeDixie

    DeDixie DVC Owner BWV & BCV

    Aug 18, 1999
    Baggage handlers - where we use them $1- $2 per bag.

    Towncar -- $8 each way

    Maid Service $5 per day

    Illuminations Cruise Capt -- $20

    Restaurant Server 20%
  7. jdads2

    jdads2 Squirrelly as all heck

    Jan 2, 2001
    jel0511, great list.

    I would add these:
    Driver of a Limo or town car-$20 when he dropped us off at the resort, he helped with bags at the airport and the grocery store. Then $10 when he dropped us off at the airport.

    Restaurant wait staff-15%-35% Yeah 35% is high. But the service was THAT good.

    I did notice that there are ussually 2 different belman that handle your luggage. I used to feel bad when I had a lot of luggage or heavy pcs. Then when I realized I was paying them the $10 for about 3 minutes of work I got over it.
  8. jel0511

    jel0511 DIS Veteran

    Jan 30, 2001
    Sorry about not including a limo/towncar driver but we always rent a car!!! Thanks jdads2 for the compliment!!
  9. JadeTiger

    JadeTiger Earning My Ears

    Sep 15, 2003
    Thank you for the list of people to tip.

    I have never traveled, so this is alien territiory.
    I appreciate the input.
    I just wanted to do it "right". :D
  10. Lewisc

    Lewisc <a href="

    May 23, 2000

    Great list:
    add--If you get a drink at a bar you should tip the bartender. (15-20%--usually $1-$2 per drink)


    Disney doesn't list houskeeping as a tipped position although many tip.

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