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Sep 4, 2000
I haven't seen anything like this that I can tell on this site, but I thought it would be worth asking about. Has anyone scheduled a trip for approx. 24 adults and children at a reasonable cost to visit Disney/Sea World for about 3 days at a reasonable cost. We are planning on Spring 2002 but we are trying to figure out how to get the best prices for the trip so we can start fundraising?

Does anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks!
You may want to call Disney and talk to their Group Sales. I was looking at their web site and found some things with special Disney Instiute sessions for scouts. That sounded interesting but they didn't have any prices.

Found the site here is a link:
Disney Scout Programs


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Hi! You may want to try Fort Wilderness, so the girls can "test" their camping skills that they will have learned. I think their sites start at 39.00 a night. They might have a deal because of Scout troop, or you can try the All Star Resorts. I know my neices have gone down the past couple of years with the highschool for trips and thats where they stayed. I think those start at 89.00 a night, but not sure. Like someone mentioned int the post before mine, you should try the Group Sales dept of Disney. I know when my nieces went, they had ALOT of fundraisers that started in Sept for a trip in April. They sold everything from yankee candles, to tupperware, to wrapping paper. Good luck, and let us know how you make out. :D

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One way to save money would be to rent a house or houses. We've done this a couple of times and really enjoyed it. You have your own pool plus a washer/dryer, kitchen, etc. There are very nice houses in the area with 7 & 8 bedrooms. Also, there are houses that are side by side or that back up to each other (2 pools that way). Some of the 4BR in the area will sleep 12. It would be cheaper than hotel rooms for sure.

If your girls are willing to camp, Fort Wilderness has a "group camping" area. The facilities there are very nice and it would probably work better than the normal sites since all your girls and adults would be in one area.

If so, you might want to check into seeing if they would qualify for the Magic Music Days. You don't get a discount on any of the on-site resorts, but the pass savings are great! But the group would need to prefom. It is really worth checking into! I promise! Gerri



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