GF Pirate Cruise or Tea Party?


Earning My Ears
Feb 16, 2000
We will be staying at the GF in June. Would my 3 and 5-year old neices enjoy the cruise or tea party more? Thanks!!
I can't speak for the pirate cruise but the Tea Party was great. My 5 yo enjoyed it greatly, however I didn't see any children that were 3 there and if I'm not mistaken(could be) the pirate cruise is for 5 and up...I think. We left Delilah there for over one hour and it was a plenty of time for us to just barely get to the room for a short nap, No Parents Allowed is what everyone was being told shortly after the childen were seated. The attention they give each child was very impressive. The pirate cruise books up so quickly, I have never been able to get her into it...yet!! Have Fun!!
Opps! Sorry I was wrong it is 3 years old for the pirate cruise, book early!!
My then-seven year old daughter went on the pirate cruise last summer and loved it. We were told to arrive at the boat a 1/2 hour early. The children were taken to various areas around the resort where they dug for treasure and were given pirate loot. My daughter had a great time, and more importantly, the children were well supervised. And trust me, my husband and I are VERY concerned when it comes to matters of safety. I might feel a bit different about letting a three year old go. I'd say it would depend on the child-if they feel comfortable separating and going with strangers. I will say the pirate cruise was in no way scary. Also, there were only about 15 kids taken, so book early.

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