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Feb 4, 2001
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!! tell me how you drive to florida. what route do you use and are there enough stops along the way? i am driving to cols,oh to pick up my sister and neice for this trip and the drive from where i live in ny is 12 hrs. mapquest says that the drive from cols is 18.5 hrs. i need to know about places to stop because the kids i will have are 5 and 6. thank you soooooo much!


so I will try to help. :) From Columbus you will take I70 E to I 77 S ( WV turnpike ). I 77 is about a 500 mile part of the trip. In South Carolina you will take I 26 E over to I 95 S. Follow I 95 until it turns into I 4 W around Daytona and this will take you right into Orlando. It's a very easy drive, if a little to long. It take us 18 hours with stops along the way. Hope this helps.

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Hi Angela. Just thought I'd give you a little more perspective re your time-frame. I live about 40mts. north of Charlotte,NC. You'll be on rte.77 down through Charlotte to rte.26 East like mentioned above. Anyway, from Charlotte, it takes us about 9 1/2 hours depending on how long our fuel stops are. (Have 3 kids, some stops takes longer than others!). Anyway, it's a very easy ride.

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Bobcat's directions were good, but I can save you an hour or more out of Columbus to West Virginia. I used to have a sales route and went this way twice a week.
From Columbus: Take 270 to US 23 South. (Speed trap in South Bloomfield, 20 minutes south). Take 23 all the way to Chillicothe, about 1hr. At Chillicothe, take US 35 South or East, whichever its marked. There is a 12 mile stretch of 2 lane, then 4 lanes to the Ohio River. There is a McDonalds at Rio Grande and a rest stop 5 miles further. In West Virginia, 35 becomes 2 lanes for 35 miles. The first ten are curvy, then it straightens, straight for WV anyway. After around the 35 miles, turn right onto state route 34. There is a stop light at this intersection, I think its the first one you come to in WV. Go 5 miles to I-64. This is a good place for food or potty breaks. Follow 64 East to Charleston, WV and you'll see the intersection for I77 South.
Fill up with gas in Columbus and Stop again at Exit 77 in Wytheville, VA. In VA, be careful, because I-77 and I-81 run together for a few miles. You'll have to exit right for I-77 South.
Have a good trip!!! The Ohio Route will save you over an hour. Email me if you have any questions.
Hi. try . I printed a map there that tells you about hotels and rest stops. It will tell you the driving time and mileage too.It's the best map site I've found. Have fun.
We left at 11:20PM. Tried to sleep for 20minutes in VA. Ate breakfast at SC at a Denny's....took them an hour and a half!!!(note: eat at Waffle House for quick, cheap food). Decided to see the beach at Jacksonville (note: It looks big on the map and its bigger in person. See the beach at Daytona instead). Took 45 minutes to get to the beach, 45 minutes at the beach and 30 minutes to get back to the interstate. Stopped for lunch.
We were still at our hotel, checked in with the van unloaded at 4:30pm. Oh sure, a few local laws governing speeds were violated, but hey, its a Disney Vacation!!!! :rolleyes:

thank you to those of you that replied. i used to live in columbus so i know the area pretty well. only been in ny for a year! anyway thank you all!!


Geubux's directions make sence coming straight out of Columbus. I live west of Columbus not far from 70 and this makes the best sence for us. Charlotte was our half way stop. We made use of McDonalds playlands on the way down. The kids could run and exercise while I relaxed. Theres one right after you turn onto I95. Have a great trip!

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