Get your kids to make a "countdown to Disney calendar"


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Sep 26, 2000
I suggested this to my 2dd's yesterday and they have spent the whole time since doing so! We leave April 21 so they made a calendar for March and April.From the 21st which is day 0, they counted backward to March 1st and wrote in the # in every square so on todays date ( the 4th of March it says 48 days to disney)So now every day when we look at the calendar we know exactly how many days are left until we leave. They drew disney characters all over the calendar and colored them in,just make sure to use black marker for the #'s so they show up under all the artwork! They have had a geat time fine tuning this and have made a couple each, we will be giving one to grandma and grandpa as they are going also. Really gets them into the Disney spirit!
I just finished my "Countdown to Disney" calendar, I've used disney clip art and made it so cute, the kids are involved, however, they get to cross off the days! It's a fun project for the "Big Kids" too!

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We'll be in WDW April 21 - 28 too! See you there! Calendar is a great idea!

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Smaller children might also enjoy making a paper chain with one link for each day remaining until the day they are to leave. It's a great visual help, since as the chain gets shorter, the WDW vacation gets closer. The links can be decorated with Disney stickers, too, to make it more Disneyish.


Okay, so pretend I've moved my clipart from geocities

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Where can I find Disney clip art? I love te count down idea! Thanks, Alynn
Thanks for the feedback guys! Sandra I went into your website, but my computer is really sloooow today, so I'll have to wait for another day. It looks really interesting though, and a lot of work by the looks of it! I see you are from mississauga. I'm from Kincardine (on Lake Huron, inbetween Port Elgin and Goderich) We're practically neighbours when you consider the people that use this board! Anyway have a great time at WDW, maybe we'll bump into each other in line one day!
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Bunp... I was still wondering about where to find Disney clip art? Thanks

Heck, I did one for me! :D

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We always do the paper chain about 100 days out. They hang it from the ceiling and drape it over the fireplace with a Mickey postcard stapled to the last link. It is fun watching it get shorter and shorter. I don't think we could ever plan a surprise trip, the anticipation is half the fun.
We just made a paper chain, but we only did 10 days since my 3 year old doesn't have her patience skills up to par yet & we leave on the 15th. =) We had fun doing it though & first thing in the morning she has asked to pull a chain off. It definitely helps smaller children to understand time & how many sleeps are left until we leave. <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">

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